Quotes about Life – September 2022


I pondered deep, “What are the teachers?”

It imparted, Angelic are the teachers!

Thou upskill thee and enlighten the way,

The true blessings are the teachers!

Lifting thee is none to their wealth,

Glimpses of contentment are the teachers!

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Thou broaden thee minds at every step

To me, the most virtuous are the teachers!

“Acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

The real preachers are the teachers!

Thou invest days and nights to facilitate us,

Believing in thee are the teachers!

Real teachers are most valuable in life

The most precious are the teachers!

Poetry by ZAKIA

What is Term Life Insurance?

Here are some of the benefits of term insurance:

What is Term Life Insurance? Term Life insurance is a policy that provides coverage for a certain period or a specified term of years. If the insured dies during that period specified, the nominated is issued a death benefit. It is usually best for short-term coverage due to a sudden increase in liabilities and commitments. Or if the insured is confident, that when the term expires, the insured will have no financial liabilities.

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Firstly, term insurance is an affordable and inexpensive option for those who have immediate financial commitments,

Secondly, it provides you with more flexibility. It allows you to choose the term for which your liabilities need protection.

Thirdly, best for short-term needs. Term life insurance is the best solution for protecting commitments, that are time bound and have a fixed duration, like, mortgages, personal loans, business obligations and kids’ education.

There are a few disadvantages, like, when the term insurance expires, it will be more expensive to purchase another. You will have to apply for a new one, and at that point, you might not be medically able to get one. In addition, the policy lapses if you don’t pay the premiums on time.

Hope you have a clearer picture of What is Term Life Insurance? Comment if it was helpful by any mean.

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How to build a good relationship with your partner

There may come a point in one’s relationship where you hit a bump in the road. To maintain strong chemistry with one another, here are a few tips on “How to build a good relationship with your partner”.

Physical contact:

Intimacy plays a vital role in a relationship.

Putting your guard down and becoming more vulnerable with each other by either holding hands, hugging, or cuddling shows the other person that you have a great interest in them.

Open communication:

Communication is key in a relationship. You want to be comfortable with your partner and be able to share your thoughts on any subject. You also want to have that mutual accordance, that you can handle any situation that comes your way and be able to talk them out. Being friends with the person you are interested in before getting into a relationship with them can be a bonus. Because then you know that they can be your best friend, and you can be comfortable around them. This adds value to “How to build a good relationship with your partner”.

You have the same sense of humor:

It’s important to laugh together, especially when times are tough, and you manage to break the tension by all means. When you both laugh together at the same thing, it creates a bond between one another, and you’re able to accept each other for who you are.

Emotional bonding:

An emotional bond with your partner builds a connection, trust, and care for each other. When you ask your partner how their day was? Or if they are feeling okay that day, it lets the other person know that you care and are taking an interest in what they have to say, which brings you closer together.

Making up after arguments:

It’s essential to make amendments after an argument, no matter how tough it is. Being stubborn and fighting with one another causes distance that could lead to a breakup. Discussion with your partner about the argument and towards a solution is a great communication approach and will bring both closer than ever.

Do not take your partner for granted:

Letting your partner know how special they are and how much you value them can keep the relationship strong. Being there for them is a great way to show that you care. If a person is constantly letting their partner pay for everything and pushing away what they have to say, it’s a sign that they’re taking that person for granted.

Do you see a future with your partner?

Securing a relationship and faith in one another even in difficult times is substantially valued.

Are you able to always count on your partner?

Planning your future together can be a joyous occasion in which both partners will forever share the bond. If the two of you care about one another and foresee the future, do not let them go.

At times, a relationship can turn difficult, however, we hope that these seven tips can help you: How to build a good relationship with your partner

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