Who is, Who can, Who will be the Hero?

Walks on the noblest path,
Have courageous thoughts,
Admirable and attractive,
And have a powerful will,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Ever ready for sacrificing truly,
Aiming to spread love,
Nature of hearty is his will,
Makes life heartened for others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Firm and sturdy in decisions,
Against the worries of the world,
Have exciting effects in nature,
Whom people fall in love at once,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Don’t live hereabouts himself,
Ever have time to spread success,
Always express surprise,
For the enthusiasm of others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Poem by Zakia Hassan

Hey Human! You are, You can, You will be the Hero! As this feature is only suitable for you as you are Human Being and Humanity should only be your characteristic. What are you waiting for? Can’t you be a noble person, with courageous thoughts, admirable nature, attractive leader with powerful Will?

Let me elaborate…… when you face hardships, it adds you as a new ring to the chain of life in the world whereby when you find your way out of your difficulties, you turn into a master piece. This Master piece is well polished and matured enough to give light, guide and help others in their hardships. So don’t you think you are the chosen! As you started one integral ring in the chain….

Furthermore, hoping for dreams come true is quite natural for a Human but is that the only step to realize your dreams? No my Dear! some special ingredients still awaited, such as, effort that sweats you out, determination, setting up goals, hard work with due knowledge. Hence it’s decided that there is no magic to get the dreams realized…..

Above all, I believe that a Hero is the Human, who is always satisfied of his efforts he puts in to realize his dreams…! So, is every success, is a satisfied success? In my opinion, it is not so… because a true success which satisfies the urge of a Human, is when his efforts are unconditional and fully packaged with sincerity, love, care and helpful for other Humans…..!

Written by Zakia Hassan

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

4 thoughts on “HERO

  1. When he judge his ability to be specialist in what he can do best… In what he can be hero…. He can do and he will definitely become hero…

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