To achieve happiness humans must pursue only extremely positive things

Where and how to get happiness? Does this come from wealth? Or Love? Or career success? Or gaining with high standards? Or achieving higher degrees? etc. I get lost when I see an unhappy wealthy person, unhappy lover, unhappy career successor, unhappy living on high standards, unhappy degree achiever….as I use to think they might be the happiest people on earth, since they achieved what they wished for but it’s exactly not, So where does this happiness live?

In current era, we humans work day and night to meet ends, gain success, wealth, career, education and what not but the true essence or ingredient is missing in our lives. Hence, it’s proved vitally that happiness does not mean any of these rather it comes somewhere inner you where there are no regrets, no negativity just thankfulness on every step. Let’s do some self analysis and invite our brain-heart duo to start seeing happiness everywhere: Oh wow! My morning tea was awesome and refreshing, my white rose plant is growing great, what a lovely view of my garden! Hey! I am on time today as I woke up fresh, what a blessed sleep last night! Let’s hop like kids when you get your favorite meal, why can’t we smile at each other just as a gesture of love and care?

This is why our kids are always complaining, as nothing makes them super excited! While we a decade or two ago, were more than happy getting even a new pencil box, or colorful erasers, a new bag, watching favorite cartoons, having popsicle together (a great treat), spending time with family, story time…………..This all gave strength rather useless meet-ups.

During this pandemic, I got chance to analyze human behavior and as per my results, “Happiness” is the most needed tablet in these times. I wish every doctor describe it to everyone, or this may be injected as vaccine. Happiness is the real fuel for your brain-heart duo, it strengthens a human and removes negativity, fear, distress and stress. The social animal (human) now realizing to live simply, make life easier for oneself as well as for others, be caring, be helpful, be kind, be a good human being, why now? Is it a fear of being no more? What if we have been doing this all ever as a human practice? Believe me this would have given the greatest happiness since happiness comes with sincerity and purity of one’s heart not from fear and actions that just show off!

Wish and pray to get this happiness for myself, family, friends and every other human on earth, lets live organic and grow happiness in our gardens.

Written by Zakia Hassan

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

11 thoughts on “To achieve happiness humans must pursue only extremely positive things

  1. Words of this article are so true. Happiness indeed lies in small things and we look for it rather more materialistic things. happines may be just looking at nature’s beauty some greenary, water or mountain. May be talking to a friend or relative.

    I like the idea of happiness vaccine too. 🙂

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