PARENTING….! Reason this topic chosen is, we feel we can add some good drops in the bucket of thoughts, is the conflicts I found around the globe on this particular colossal slice of one’s life. Being a mother of two girls, a woman went through many early experiences; one thing which kept intact was to be as reasonable as we can, keeping the goals focused. It is the observation that parents and kids a lot, especially working as Parent – Student counselors at two schools, that too in average vicinity where parents face hard times even for primary parenting phase. So, instead of these facts and the urge to put in some value addition in Parenting, We are here with an open blog where we would be glad to share people’s real-life examples, problems, solutions, creativity, or anything they want. And please, no assumptions or imaginations, just REAL! So, here we are putting up our thoughts as a blog…!

Is parenting an easy task? Changing diapers, feeding healthy & timely, sleeping schedule, clothing, skincare, cleanliness, education, home chores, office work, self-grooming, and much more. Eh?

Numerous forums and discussion boards have discussed this unique endless topic, with several problems, solutions, tricks, myths, etcetera. Here we are also having the same discussion with a different perspective with a solution-based observation and discussion.

Let us begin with dividing the Parenting (Especially preceding years from Day 1 till teenage) between two main areas, I.e., Visible Phase (VP) and Invisible Phase (IVP). These parenting phases are both for both Parents. Although intensity differs from case to case basis, it varies with either parents or single parent in terms of sensibility, care, decision making, easy-going, possessiveness, overthinking, and availability of resources (monetary as well as moral support.)

Visible Phase (VP):

So, here we go with the VP list:

  1. Diapers – Changing timings, choosing brand and affordability, potty training. Endless.
  2. Feeding – Which food to give and when? What is healthy? Timing chunks, packet food, organic food…………….again endless.
  3. Sleeping Schedule – When baby should sleep? Why is he/she sleepless? Is the bed comfortable? Eh, endless too!
  4. Clothing – Will the fabric suit the baby? Which brand to go with according to affordability (for many, affordability does not matter)? What fashion suits the baby? How does someone with their baby should look? Heh, is it endless? 
  5. Skincare – Dealing with allergies, searching for the best skin ointments, etcetera
  6. Cleanliness: Detergent selection, sanitizers, sterilization, cleaning liquids, etcetera.
  7. Education: Choosing schools, preparatory centers, home education, etcetera
  8. Home Chores management: Both parents are into this type.
  9. Work (from home/ at the office): Eh, this is huge to list!
  10. Self-grooming: Generally less paid! Sometimes Neve. Eww!

Invisible Phase (IVP):

Here we go with the IVP list:

  1. Over-thinking
  2. Stress
  3. Anxiety
  4. Lack of confidence
  5. Sleeplessness

Anyone can add as many as they faced as IVPs are neither confined nor identical.

“A big Shout out to all the Parents,” you all have been doing a fantastic job, most hardworking, devoted, sincere, and precious services! Not an easy job at all.  The above is only the initial phase (early years of Parenting) in the discussion. The scene is incomplete, however…..!

In our opinion, Parenting needs more discussions in place of solution cum satisfaction. Therefore, we will go with real-life case studies, our experiences, our observations, our analysis that we have gained as a parent-student counselor, educationalist, and ourselves as a parent. First, of course, moving to Part #2 of our blog.

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      1. it’s too sad that every parent works hard for children and some children, when grown up, doing take care of their parents. 😢

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