Parents are the most precious treasure. Their love is unconditional. My biggest fear, “Losing any of them”! I feel breathless!

Any call in odd timings always gave me Goosebumps fearing any such news. This fear stood on my phone when I was sleepless on 08-04-19 (4:00 am). I lost my father! I felt as if I’m under direct sun, my rescuer, my supporter was gone.


Yes, I overcame this pain and fear by visiting my mother frequently and making her happy by all means. After all, she is my father’s life, my heart keeps calm. May he rest in peace!

Written by: Zakia Hassan

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

13 thoughts on “MY GREATEST FEAR IN LIFE!

  1. Sorry to know about the loss.

    Really true,Thats what I say to my father that when negative thoughts come to my mind like what if I loose Job etc… I feel by the grace of God, I have shelter of my father…With that I understand my responsibility of son towards him .

    Writers name is missing for this article.

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