Healthy Foods to Eat – Episode # 1

Eh, it’s tasteless, boring, not for my tongue, etc., Do healthy foods get these remarks always? Does healthy food always mean strict eating? A big “NO” I can prove that with a number of our traditional foods (eastern) where I vouch it to be healthy, delicious and not at all boring.

Although, I would always love it if anyone can add to my point or even, I can challenge it. Believe me, tasty foods play a vital role as fuel to your body and organs especially your heart, brain, and stomach. It’s a famous proverb from eastern culture, “food not taken my eyes and mouth is of no use for the intestine”….heh

I would love to share, some good recipes, if anyone is interested. The recipes would be simple and healthy for sure. Till then enjoy the tempting pictures!

Blogger: Zakia Hassan

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21 thoughts on “Healthy Foods to Eat – Episode # 1

  1. You have good understanding of different aspects of life. Looks like you read a lot along with having real life experience with various fields.

    In pic whaterver is there looks delicious not sure if those are healthy as well.

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