Mother-Child Bond

Mother is a very significant part of a child’s life. One can not brush her off from her child’s life. No matter what we do, how much we love and care for the child, he will always have that special love for his mother, and she will remain the most important one in his life.

Moreover, he will only love, respect, and care for those when he grows up, who have loved, cared, and respected his mother. So one should always treat the mother the way they want their child to treat them when they grow older.

If a mother is not getting love from people surrounding her, her child will not love them back also. If she is not cared for and respected, her child will do the same in return to those being unreasonable to the mother no matter what relation that person has with that child.

Usually, in our culture, when a child is born, people start making it difficult for the mother to raise her child. They do not even give love and affection to the mother the way they should do to a new mom. They do not even consider her deserving of any attention. All they do is pay attention to the child and focus on him. Not only this, they even make it difficult for a new mommy to go through this postpartum phase. This attitude instills some dislike for them in mommy’s heart, and that dislike transfers to the baby as baby and mother always have this heart-to-heart bond. Furthermore, while growing up, kids see the same behavior and even worse with their mother, due to which the dislike inside them grows stronger as time passes and turns into hate.

If we want to win a child’s heart, we have to treat the mother better, and the kid will always love us. Moreover, if we do not treat her well and try to bond with the child only, it should be kept in mind that the child will never choose us over his mother because, for a kid, the mother is always the figure his life revolves around.

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4 thoughts on “Mother-Child Bond

  1. Very thoughtful obeservations and put it in impressive words. Observation is so true that most can relate it. A Son or daughter is very close to their mother and they observes everyones behaviour with her and later behave in similar way with them . Nice writeup .

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