Decision Making

Decisions are an essential part of a person’s life. It is what makes or destroys a person. So it is imperative to take it in a way that brings a man towards progression. Of course, we should be cautious while making any decision in our lives. But many times, we don’t pay much attention to it and take it for granted.

There are two groups of people in the world: one successful and others who have failed. Now it is a long debate to decide what is a success or a failure. Everyone has their own set of goals in their life, so their definition of success or failure will also differ. One person’s success might be another one’s failure in their eyes.

In my opinion, reaching a set target or not getting a set target in life is considered a success or a failure. So to correspond to the target, thoughtful decisions are needed to make.

Everyone gets the power to make decisions of their lives, but not necessarily everyone can make the right decision. One wrong or proper judgment of our life throws us 5years behind or ahead in our life.
So it’s always better before making any decision, whether big or small, to take the advice of some experienced people, people who have more experience than us. People of both groups mean taking advice from successful persons and those who failed because of their wrong decisions. It will give insight into both perspectives regarding a particular matter.

A man who has failed can guide you in-depth on the decisions that lead him to fail because failure teaches you more than success. Whenever a person errs, that failure teaches him tons of lessons because it’s not the only decision that erred him, but too many different big or small wrong choices lead him to this. So that person has too much to teach.

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It’s not that success doesn’t teach; obviously, a successful person is also knowledgeable. His bits of advice and experiences will also be beneficial and necessary, but I want to emphasize that we shouldn’t underestimate the failed one.

So whenever you are on the verge of making any decision in your life, try to seek advice from a few successful and failed people, not one but a few, and then take the final decision with your mind. It will take you to the perfect path you should be on. Life is too short to experience everything yourself and correct it, so it’s better to learn from others’ experiences.

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13 thoughts on “Decision Making

  1. Congratulations for the nice article. you provide indepth analysis of the topic you choose. Often some make a mistake of assuming a failed person as useless. However a human is always valuable whether he is successful or failed whether he is a king or a person on the street they both are important and a miracle of the nature and we should respect both. they have their own struggles.

    Nice writeup. I wish someday I can discuss these topic in detailwith someone but life has its own struggles. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes however, it is so difficult to make decisions. And I agree with you. The “wrong” decisions we make teaches us a lot more than the “right” ones. I suppose sometimes we need to make them so we can become stronger and better. Fight!!!

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