Education challenges during Covid 19

What does Education stand for? Let’s be specific with the literal meanings; Education is derived from Latin words to nourish, bring up, lead, or guide. Hence Education is a process of facilitating learning. Whereby, the dictionary meanings says, “the process of imparting/ acquiring knowledge, evolving the skills of logic and decisions, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life” (as per Google online dictionary). While the Oxford dictionary says, “It’s a procedure of tutoring, coaching, and studying, by and large in schools, colleges or universities, to improve knowledge and develop skills.

Without going into debates, I would go with the organic definition, rather a logical one where Education is a continuous process without limitation, specification, and boundaries. Education is more like a beautiful and colorful butterfly flying freely and deciphering new glances rather than like a horse that is fixed with Blinkers so it can look straight ahead only and remain focused on the set target by the trainer.

Keeping both scenarios intact, let’s look into recent years’ pandemic situation that baffled the world. It was more of a freeze situation across the globe with no clue, no solutions, just idle, and after a lot of struggle, this phase seems to be on a better track with lots of hopes. Bringing my readers to the most painful part of the pandemic, after the life losses, hunger, and poverty, was the education sector that faced the most challenges. Schools/institutes, teachers, parents & students all in chaos! Why? Because it was a system collapse, and it all worked as a chain. Here I want to put up the “The Education Challenges during Covid 19” to realize the pain everyone went through being dependent on the set system:

  • How and where to get Education?
  • How to restore the system?
  • How schools or other educational institutes will function?
  • How will the school function with the help of teachers?
  • Online classes, how?
  • Technology usage the biggest challenge in underdeveloped countries!
  • Syllabus completion, will it be possible?
  • EXAMS! The biggest challenge!
  • How schools/institutions will register new students as per their specifications (age, grades, etc.)
  • Parents to wait for admission policies in their desired schools (still on hold in many countries).

Although there is a long list of education sector challenges, these are the few tips on a continuous streak for more than one and a half years. 

Of course, “The Education Challenges during Covid 19” are known ones, and I do not want to emphasize them anymore, but this chaos made me think of ways out. Why are we too dependent on the system? I took this as an alarm or an opportunity to find measures to be self-made and not reliant on the system. I never want to give the apprehension that I am against it. I want everyone to realize the situation positively and be always ready with remedies. Like I opted for homeschooling to make Education, the act of nourishing and bringing up, a continuous process that is free from system collapse. I believe that it’s our responsibility to impart knowledge without a gap at any cost.

Do you agree? Anyone, on the same boat?

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11 thoughts on “Education challenges during Covid 19

  1. World is going through very difficult time in terms of Covid and human life is hugely affected and one of its aspect is education. Being working in Higher ed sector I am aware of the crisis education industry is going through.

    Nice article, waiting for some nice poetry written by you.

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  2. We have an opportunity of using questions as opposed to have teachers, lecture students; especially the younger students. As I am sure the future of every nation wants to think about their future and how to change things for themselves.

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  3. Reblogged this on Covid 19: Thoughts and Memories (for future generations) and commented:
    “YOU be the change you wish to see in the world.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

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