Screen time of Kids in Pandemic

Primarily, Television /Media is an advantageous invention that plays a good role in the growth of young brains. Although, it has observed that many other programs are affecting young minds adversely too. Parents usually think, especially during the Pandemic, it’s a good activity where kids are busy and do not get into sibling fights or quarrels. Also, parents get a distraction-free time for their work compared to physical activities, where parents need to look after actually and bear the noises around. This increased screen time with useless programs impacts kids’ personalities and a significant risk to life.

Parents can nourish young brains nicely. Parents are responsible for the good upbringing of their kids, and sometimes it’s also the society (relatives, teachers, grandparents etc.). And media comes last in the list. These days, parents are busier in earning their bread and butter, which doesn’t allow them to mingle with kids or provide them with extra co-curricular activities (focusing the current Pandemic). Hence, when kids find parents busy, they get busy with different screens, gaming, and programs per their available facilities and interests (besides academic online classes).

Nowadays, Media is more towards controversial programs, fights, adult content, misleading body language, etc., even the cartoon programs not up to the mark. It is impacting worst on young brains, especially where they watch negative characters succeeding.

Towards a solution, it is suggested not to stop them from Media rather fix the timings. Screens not to be provided in their bedrooms and watch some good programs with them. Spending quality time with your young ones now will help you nourish and bring up good humans.

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12 thoughts on “Screen time of Kids in Pandemic

  1. Really true. It is a time when balance between the screen and off screen time is very important not only for the kids but for adults too… I like the last line a lot: bring up good humans…. That should be the ultimate objective for each of our actions.

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  2. I wrote about the time we spend on screen in previous comments. However at times I feel that I spend too much time on Be the Change blog lol.

    Don’t know what but there is something which makes me wait for the new posts.

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  3. Although screen time is now necessary for classes and lessons in many countries during the corona pandemic, children are truly misusing phones/pcs/laptops.😞

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