Life Culprit Analysis

Life a most precious gift from God that has no substitute! SO it’s a history that unique things have security threats and the culprits try to harm them.

One fine day making my breakfast, I realized my ankles were aching; a thought passed by what the reason might be? Are my shoes uncomfortable? No! they are the most comfortable ones. Then what? Is it some serious health issue? No other symptoms, then? It struck my mind at once Am I going towards obesity? Oh, this might be the cause!

I pondered and reached a weird but logical question! Why my feet are penalized when they never had to do anything with obesity, huh! Wasn’t it the brain that pops up every time to have more junk into the stomach, using organs to fulfil the desire, but feet are non of those components! Though pain is born mainly by feet and other parts of legs carrying all the weight.

So the real culprit is not face-off, besides innocent feet face it. Pondering more over the Life Culprit Analysis, you know what? The culprit uses many tools to burden other organs, such as stress, anxiety, depression, overthinking, negativity, cheating, and obesity (many others to list).

I know you must be thinking, where is the flow moving? I was speechless when I dived deep, and these are purely my thoughts. It might not have a common implication, still thought to pen down and share what I pondered. Am I the only one taking it this or some others in the pool too?

Have you ever come across a situation, must-have, where you could not figure out where your fault was and why are you penalized when you have nothing to do with it?  You know what, the culprit is common! And you are taking all burden and not recognizing the culprit; instead, question yourself.

Life Culprit Analysis is something every human in trouble, actively or passively, should do to live a better, balanced and happy life without grievances, distress and other typical negative sentiments. This analysis might not immediately remove the culprit moves. Still, it would enable you with good resistance, and soon you will be able to lead the culprit and Change it into the best companion!


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6 thoughts on “Life Culprit Analysis

  1. Very nice and thought provoking article again. Authors of this blog have just been phenomenal in choosing the articles which are closer to the lifes of normal human beings and that care of human is something I like most about this blog or anyone who cares human. Authors definately have very beautiful minds and that reflects in their writings clearly.

    Thanks for the wonderful article. Although My requests have been ignored 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for being such a great reviewer. Life is really a Phenomena treated differently by humans. The best one treats is what we can take in as a beacon.

      Your request is our pleasure would be putting up this week.


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