Small talk but huge Background,

When thou consider all it around,

When thou mention one’s highness,

Thou throw them to ground,

Don’t you think?

When thou is told,

To me, thou is gold,

Thou loses credence,

Remains no more bold,

Don’t you think?

As soon one misses thou,

Expresses one needs thou,

Soon thou feel the urge,

Never ponders, yet captures thou,

Don’t you think?

People who pick thou up

Who makes thou bold,

Who misses thou ever,

Who gave you birth, your parents!

Don’t you think?

Poetry by Zakia

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

20 thoughts on “DON’T YOU THINK?

  1. Very nice poem. Think before speaking. Nice message, I have become addictive to these poems at times I might not be able to comment in detail because of work or life keeping me busy, but I do read. Keep writing. My request is still pending though 🙂

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