How to Recycle Cardboard

I have written a blog regarding the importance of recycling previously. In this blog, I find it necessary to share some ideas related to recycling different things. So today, I will start with the concept of recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are a big part of our daily life. Whenever we shop for toys, electronics, etcetera, we get them. Be it big or small in some form or the other we get hold of it in our shopping. What we usually do is throw them away.

Two years back, this idea came to my mind that typically these cardboard boxes are firm, so why don’t I use them as a shelf. It was the time when I got hold of few cardboard boxes altogether. So I started working on the implementation of my idea, and it worked. They turned out to be great shelves.

So here is the method how I did it;


1. Material of the Box

Always keep the thick n strong boxes, e.g., boxes of perfumes, detergent boxes, laptop packaging, or any box that is strong enough to hold things.

2. Type of Glue

Never use standard glues like hot glue or white glue, or any other adhesives. It needs a strong bond to hold the Box firmly in the position even after keeping its weight. Right now, I’m using EPOXY. But actually, I asked my husband to go to any furniture shop n ask them that you want the glue which keeps the wood or metal intact because these glues r always very strong, and he brought this epoxy. I have applied epoxy to the boxes. Yes, it’s powerful that it has kept the boxes intact with the wall even after putting the load on them.

3. Contact Paper

You can use any Paper-like wrapping paper or any other whatever you want to wrap up the Box, but I took this contact paper because I didn’t have to go through the hassle of applying scotch tape or glue. It was straightforward to wrap it around the Box, and it gives the effect of a natural shelf/rack. There is a vast range of textures n print in these papers. These can b applied to furniture too if you want to renovate. For me, these r the lifesavers.


Take a box and cut them according to the shape you want. Sometimes you won’t need to cut it as sometimes, especially in toys, they are already cut in a particular form. Apply contact paper on it, and then glue it to the wall where you want.

In this way, I recycle the cardboard boxes, and it looks decent. If you don’t tell anyone specifically, no one would ever know that the shelves are actually from a recycled cardboard box. You can also use cardboard boxes, i.e. cartons as storage boxes and toy organizers.

In the end, here I am giving the pictures of some of the shelves I made from cardboard.

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  1. After long time, very useful article. You are really skilled in many ways. We have to take recycling a must thing if we want earth to be a living place in near future. Author has a passion about saving the earth that shows her beautiful heart and care for humans and other creatures. Kudos. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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