A lifetime is a bucket full of lessons for one’s life. In other words, a teacher who fixes your life trends and styles by enabling you to decipher solutions and learn great lessons after every mistake, problem, hurdle or upcoming incidence. Sometimes, when you are a safe player, this teacher works like a beacon to indicate the trouble beforehand. Good students or learners always make a positive move or make changes accordingly to prosper or refrain from crisis instead of failure.

Since we are bodies with sentiments, feelings, vibes, thoughts, decisions, etc., naturally or unintentionally or voluntarily creates distractions and other emotional responses with the external factors. It may be a dispute, unattained targets, undesired events, unwanted people, economic issues, viral diseases, businesses, cutthroat competitions, and many other external factors to list.

The factors intimate the mental diseases that are named differently due to their intensity and impacts. Stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression, jealousy, inferiority and superiority complex, etc., are examples. These mental diseases are the primary source to invite severe physical ailments. One ends up with pills, therapies and other health consultations.

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Coming to the current pandemic, Covid 19 automatically gave birth to anxiety and depression. It gives goosebumps even to imagine the fatality rate since Covid 19 started spreading over the entire world. Initially, the world seemed helpless, with no remedies to go for, no medicines, just quarantine. The social animals asked instantly to be isolated or quarantined until the situation is under control (unspecified period).

Initially, it was a stressful and shocking situation that lengthen and resulted in Anxiety and Depression with many unanswered questions. For instance:

  • What to do now?
  • What will happen?
  • Will we be saved?
  • Will this pandemic end?
  • How to meet ends?
  • How to refrain from the virus?
  • What to eat?
  • What to do for kids education?
  • How to earn?
  • How to survive?
  • What to do for lifestyle addiction?
  • If Corona catches us, will we stay?
  • How to save the family?
  • Will hospitals facilitate?
  • Will oxygen be available?

More left to list down!

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We all have witnessed how troublesome it was to answer the above questions practically, and many families faced disaster. Many met it later in different stages of Covid 19. Many are facing now or still facing. Observation shows that people reacted differently in this expected pandemic situation and proved that humans are unpredictable creatures. Countless suicides registered besides fatalities due to the virus. More power to the survivors! May God save and bless us all.

Anxiety and depression in the Covid 19 crossed the figures and registered new records ever in common. However, many remained calm in such a problematic/ crucial situation and moved on strongly, survived and set examples. Words are indeed easy to deliver and challenging to act on them. BUT we need to change our fixed mindset and go for a growth mindset that allows us to overcome difficulties and become more robust and challenging.

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Dear readers will discuss how to deal with anxiety and depression during Covid organically in the following article. Stay tuned!

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