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In the middle of the night, unable to sleep; by the way, it’s not insomnia but a random longer nap in the evening, hah! Meanwhile, I had a chance to ponder success and life while reading the different posts at a Facebook group. I thought, why not share my unexpected sight on the said words.

“Success” and “Life” are highly used keywords by us countless times during the world’s span. Sometimes talking to myself, I ponder deep and could not imagine existence without these two precious words from millions of words in the vocabulary.

Success life has diversified classifications differing from person to person. We set the standards or criteria to register a victory according to our perspective, observations, priorities and judgements. Therefore the success life is never identical or somehow near to similarity. However, commonly success life is recorded when one achieves or attains ones’ set targets.

I came up with the idea if a success life is never identical, so why not set intelligent, attainable and purposeful targets to make ones’ life cheerful, courageous and grievances free or lowering distress.

This, in turn, would make us work smartly. For instance,


Intelligent approach

Smart choices

Clear direction

Enthusiasm (essence of life)

Lifting each other

Achieving targets

Gaining common interests

Success with happy life guaranteed

As we believe in life cycles, food cycles, human cycles, we should also think in success cycles where every individual is dependent and responsible for others. This cycle is as practical and results-oriented as other cycles are doing.

The rationale for my opinion, I kept one factor constant, i.e. the human as a social animal. This word social always meant friendship and positive relationships rather than cutthroat competition or rivalries.

Humbly invite opinions and observations from our readers to come up with their experiences!

Live Smart lives as we are Human Beings!

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