The life of a human circulated through the hollow veins of two words, “Dignity” and “Worth”. This topic is being discussed at various forums across the globe in different dimensions and on a broader spectrum. Worthwhile; when people try to draw results after long debates, however, at times I ponder,  do we realize the depth and the significance of the statement “Dignity and Worth of a human.”

Helping myself out of sarcasm, approaching a productive and positive approach, I would deep dive into the wordy/ dictionary meanings of two main words, “Dignity” and ”Worth”, and then their implied relation with a Human, using simple and understandable language to draw a transparent aspect.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

As per the dictionary, Dignity means; nobility or a person worthy enough to be honoured or respected. While Worth means; the magnitude a person maybe deserved to be valued or rated. Being a little philosophical, nevertheless, I wish that we all measure our true worth. I’m refraining from pointing the finger at anyone, but I feel pity when I see self-centered and sycophants around. More terrible are those who oversee these people, disguised enemies, and waste their trust. On the other hand, the miserable group of people left behind with all their sincerity, waiting to be considered, low confidence, expecting trust and acknowledgement from non-valued Humans.

Real-world is a world filled with these examples. We find these people around, and in other words, we also are counted in any of the mentioned extremes. Me being a normal human being with no extraordinary approaches, I prefer to stay mediocre. The observations reveal the extremes are nowhere reasonable. Since I never wish to be a Sycophant or a self-centered personality, neither end to be miserable, low confidence and act helpless, I would instead opt to be richest in faith, trust, humanity, Dignity and a Worthy Human.

Do you agree?

Any opinions, please?

We are looking forward to having a productive discussion over this article.

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  1. An article about humans and humanity always touches my heart ❤. you have always been amazing and in this article as well. As a human we have lots of responsibilities too.

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