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In my last post, 10 ESSENTIALS FOR NEWBORNS I talked about ten baby essentials in which one of the essentials was a diaper bag/baby bag. As a mother after my baby’s birth, I found it necessary to keep the baby bag prepared all the time. If the diaper bag is ready, we won’t be stressing over forgetting anything before going out each time, and even in case of emergency, we would be able to grab the bag and head out.

So, in my opinion, it’s essential to keep all the baby essentials in the baby bag and keep it ready. There are few food-related items that we cant keep in the bag prior as firstly, these things get rotten after some time and secondly, it also depends on how long we will be out and at what time. But other than that, there are many essentials that we can keep in the bag so we won’t be stressing over bag preparation at the last moment; we will have to add a few more things according to the situation in the already prepared bag and head out. It saves time and energy, and it never happens to forget any essential this way.

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Here are few things which I consider essential for a diaper bag;

Liquid Soap (Pocket Size)

I emphasize liquid soap that is too pocket-sized because the soap bar will be challenging to manage in the bag once used. So liquid soap always comes handy while being out, and a pocket-size pack won’t take much space in the bag, and it will be used occasionally, maybe once in a blue moon, so no need to keep a big bottle and hassle yourself. So whenever you need to change your baby’s diapers and wash them, it will be a breeze.

Bubble Sheet

In my previous post, I also mentioned that bubble sheets always help when a baby’s diaper is changed outside somewhere while travelling or shopping. It will save the baby’s head from hitting the tile, and the baby’s body won’t contact any surface hence protected from germs.

Cotton Sheet

It serves a lot of purposes. You can lay it on a bubble sheet while changing the diaper. And if the baby is sleeping in the car or somewhere else, it will help keep the baby cozy and warm.

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Towel Hankie

It will help dry up the baby while diaper change as it is indispensable to dry up the diaper area before putting on new diapers.

Baby Dress

Always keep at least one baby dress in the bag. You will be at ease in an emergency, like if the baby soils the dress or gets leaked in it.

Water Proof Pouch

It will come in handy to keep the wet or soiled dress or anything in it to keep the bag and its items clean and mess-free.


Always keep at least 4-5 diapers in the bag because we never know the baby might do the business twice or anything, and if one diaper is used on any occasion and forgot to keep a new one back, there will be more to save you.

Water Wipes

These come in handy when there is no water access, and you might need them for a diaper change or cleaning the baby’s hands or body.

Tissue Pack (Pocket-Size)

A pocket-sized tissue pack should also always be in the bag because you never know when you will need them to wipe a runny nose or wipe the baby’s mouth or hands, as it is not safe to use wipes on the face.

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Breast Feeding Cover

If the baby is EBF, it is necessary always to keep a cover in the bag as we never know when the baby asks for breastfeeding. If you have it in the bag, you will efficiently be feeding anywhere in any circumstance.

Small Polythene or Paper Bag

It will come in handy when you need to throw the soiled diaper. Keep the dirty diaper in any polythene or paper bag, tie it up, and throw it in the garbage. This way, germs won’t spread either smell.

These are the things that help me always whenever I am out with babies. I would love to know if you would like to add anything to the list and your experiences regarding keeping things in a diaper bag.

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