Different life experiences teach us a lot of things while living life. It’s always better to ponder over and calculate the positive and negative impact of different backgrounds on our lives. Because if we don’t understand them, we’ll be making many more wrong decisions/steps in the future.

I am a very private person, and I never share my personals with anyone at all for fear of being judged. But spending my life, I realized there must always be at least one person in your life with whom you should share every detail of your life, and that person must be sincere, learned and older than you. Be it someone from your immediate family, extended family or any outsider. It will be ideal if you have someone to share with other than your immediate family as our parents and siblings already know us and everything related to us. But due to being in the same circumstances and brought up, they will all think alike. Having someone outside the family will give the broader ideas and a whole different experience. That person will be looking at our family and us as a third person with a different approach and aspect. It will give versatile knowledge and advice. We will be able to picture life differently, which will provide more clarity in our decisions. We will be aware and prepare for the consequences in advance of taking any decision.

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These days we don’t tolerate anyone’s advice as everyone perspective is ‘It’s our life, and we will be the one taking decisions of it’. I also agree that everyone doesn’t have the right to interfere and give free bits of advice to anyone. Still, there should always be one person whose suggestion we should listen to and ponder before making any decision. This way, we will learn from others’ experiences and make our lives better instead of experiencing everything ourselves. Life is too short to experience everything on our own.

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2 thoughts on “LIFE LESSONS (SERIES)

  1. Very good points. A personal life mentor is very i.portant and can help you in various ways. You have raised another very important point from human life which sometime xan be difference between success and failure. A neutral observation and advice from a sensible person is real important and required.

    Keep writing 🙂

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