We often think diary writing is a girl’s habit, but that’s not true. In my opinion, everyone should write a diary. It enables us to look and skim through our life gently, and we get to know ourselves better this way. Make this a habit of yourself and your kids to always write a journal before sleeping. It will help in expressing and understanding ourselves better. Writing about what we did and thought will allow us to ponder what we are doing in our lives and how we can make it better.

I never wrote a diary before because it was tough for me to express myself even in a journal, but I realised its benefits when I wrote it a few times. I felt so liberated after writing it. The pressure on my mind was making me insane, and due to writing it all out, my mind finally found a way to take it all out, which gave me my sanity back.

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We take this habit for granted, but it should be an essential part of our lives. The main problem is a person never feel the need for it unless s(he) starts writing it. I have already intended to guide my kids once they learn to write to begin preparing a journal.

A Diary dissertation helps set and achieve the objectives; it boosts the memory, allows us to self-reflect, and relieves anxiety. In short, it leads to a happy and prosperous existence.

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  1. Another very useful blog. You have really good knowledge about various topics and you know how to put it effectively on paper(on blog in this case) .
    This is one of the practice many psychologists suggests in order to keep the anxiety and depression away.
    I wish you all the best. keep writing.

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