IT’S NEVER TOO LATE (Life Lessons)

When I was around 13-14 years old, my aunt once saw me writing something, and she said, you can write; why don’t you start journaling? She told me I was already a grown-up girl, but it was ok. I can start it now. She further told me that she knows a child who started it when he was seven years old, and now he is the editor of a newspaper and writes for different platforms. If I had been doing it earlier, my skills would have been polished by then. I thought along those lines and concluded that it’s already too late to start it as my age has already passed. Now when I look back, I find that that wasn’t late at all. I could have started journaling back then till now. All my life for everything I wanted to start, I found that to be too late to start, as someone somewhere started earlier and was expert by then when I thought to start doing that, due to which I couldn’t start anything. Now I realise how naive I was to think on those lines as I wasted years of my life, which I could have made productive. I never shared all this with anyone, so I didn’t get any guidance also. If I had expressed it with anyone, they would have guided me, but I couldn’t do it due to my extreme personal nature.

So for me, it’s a lifelong lesson, and I have it in my mind that I have to make sure to teach my kids that it’s never too late to start anything. Live your life like you will stay here forever and complete every task like you might not get the next day to complete it.

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There are a few lessons in this that,

  1. We should never compare ourselves and our kids with anyone because it pushes us back instead of moving forth.
  2. It’s never too late to start anything. When you get the idea of anything in your mind, that is the right time to create; it’s just a number no matter your age.
  3. There must be at least one experienced person in your life with whom you share everything. That person will be a guiding star for you, and it can change your life.

I shared this to help those in a similar position and must be thinking along these parallel lines. Life is too short to experience everything on our own; we should also learn from others’ experiences. So I feel it’s always good to share our life experiences with others.

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7 thoughts on “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE (Life Lessons)

  1. you are simply amazaing in writings.I dont know whether you became a journalist or editor or not. but your writings are already very effective and you are touching many hearts through your blog. I hope you will be keep writing in whatever form you like. 🙂 ❤

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