Pay Back

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

5 thoughts on “Pay Back

  1. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 I AM ALWAYS Told to Pay it Forward EveryOne; because “Paying Back” is Going Backwards in Ever Decreasing Circles EveryBody…so, CHOOSE!!! Stagnating in a Swamp or The Exhilaration of a Rushing River where YOU!!! Give with No THOUGHT!!! of Return; it’s YOUR!!! CHOICE!!!

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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    1. Thanks, I appreciate your viewpoint. Payback was a reminder in general for those who are enjoying the fruits and not watering the plants. Resulting in a generosity chain break. I’m happy that you are standing at a point where you are paying forward. It’s a big invisible chain helping humanity progress. Stay blessed

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      1. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

        💎 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and also clearly a USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) who NEEDS!!! to Set Boundaries, especially Being Cruel To Be Kind by ignoring those “who are enjoying the fruits and not watering the plants” as many of Us HYPOCRITES!!! Do; having said that I Did NOT!!! architect, design, engineer or know the technicalities of this SmartPhone yet I AM “enjoying the fruits [without] watering the plants” of Design and Production of My Phone by Communicating with YOU!!! and Many Others…in Summary; try NOT!!! To Be Too SWIFT!!! To JUDGEMENT!!!

        💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎



  2. You are really impressive with your quotes too. At times I feel like reading quotes from some great mind of of contemporary world or may be a future one.


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