STRUGGLE (Reposting)

“FALL SEVEN TIMES GET UP EIGHT”, This is what life is all about. It’s a precious gift of God, but unique things always carry hardships with them; they are never easy to handle, they always need careful handling. Allah has given the control of human life in their own hands; now, it’s all upon us how we move forward in this journey.

Now, it is all upon us that how do we carry and handle the hardships? It’s a universal rule along with the blessings there is always a tiny package attached which is called Hardship in short, when the Lord of the world wants to bless His favourites. Lord sends blessings in disguise, called Hardships. Some people face them as cowards and erase themselves from the world. As if they never existed. Besides, some face them like warriors, their names get written in the gold books, and the universe remembers them until their existence.

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If we want to conquer the world, we have to work hard as the key to success is hard work. There is no shortcut; there is no ease. Ease is a more significant threat to progress than hardship. We have to keep moving, growing, learning no matter the circumstances. To start something, we have to be committed and to finish it up, consistency is needed. There is no start without commitment, and more importantly, there is no finish without consistency. That doesn’t matter if the journey was successful or not, but it is essential to start and finish things up to succeed in life because there are lessons to be learned between every start and finish line. Suppose we don’t take a step forward and start something with commitment. In that case, we won’t get courage in life, and if we don’t get to the finish line with consistency, we won’t learn anything to get to success one day; we will be left in between those start and finish lines forever with no motive, no objective.

It’s not easy; if it were accessible, there would have been no Mark Zuckerberg, no Einstein, no Newton, or Nelson Mandela. So we have to keep working, keep striving to touch the skies of success. That’s why it is said, “Fall seven times, get up eight BUT NEVER GIVE UP”.

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12 thoughts on “STRUGGLE (Reposting)

  1. Another amazing article by my favourite blogger. Easily achievable things are usually of not much worth and things that require efforts and hard work gives sense of achievement. You have again put it in rely ice words Attia.

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      1. I know who these folks are. I simply think the likes of tech barons like Z are despicable. I admire Einstein, Mandela, King, and the like, people who have made/are making valuable contributions to society and the betterment of mankind. Z and the likes are phony philanthropists making questionable “contributions” and assuming mantles of wisdom and generosity.

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      2. Hmmm, great feedback. So you mean to say the cause of action differs from person to person. And we need to value cause, based on sincerity, approach and legibility. This struggle would more suit with legends. I agree with you to a good extent. Mentioning Z as the name didn’t at all mean to idealize his endeavours but a recent character as a story that struggled, good or bad, somehow resulted as a famous person. By the way, your feedback made me think out of the box. Thank you


      3. Why, you’re welcome. Exchanges between WPers is one of the greater benefits of being here. Almost, I repeat ‘almost,’ makes the insanity of “likes” worth putting-up with. Yeah, I mean I’m tired of the self-servers wearing priest’s robes. The &*^%&*^ creeps!

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