In my last article, I wrote about the benefits and importance of working from home. Today, I will discuss the myths about working from home, which usually misleads people.

Working from home isn’t that glamorous the way perceived. Indeed in this scenario, you don’t have a boss on you, no fixation of your time, you don’t need a dress code, you don’t have to report in the office, but no matter how, where and when you work, you work and work harder; It isn’t easy. You don’t get everything right from the start. Every luxury comes with time.

I have already thoroughly written about a few misconceptions in my last article, but I want to elaborate on them and a few more this time.

  1. Work as per wish

It is a familiar concept that people who work from home only work as per their time feasibility and mood. It’s not true. According to research, people who have their home-based businesses potentially work more hours than an average employee. The main difference is when you work for someone else, you get the agreed fixed salary no matter how many hours you invest and how much hard work you put in. But when you work for yourself, your time converts into money. The more time and hours you invest, the more you earn.

  1. No boss to be answerable.

People usually think when they work for themselves, they don’t have to answer anybody, which isn’t true. When we do a job, we only have to respond to our boss, but when we work for ourselves; we tend to make countless bosses on us instead of one, and they are the customers to whom we are answerable. As they say, the customer is the real boss and always right.

  1. Immediate job quit

Thirdly, people think they can quit their employment right after working from home.  And it’s the biggest misconception. If we do thorough research, almost all businesses started as one, even the most successful companies. So if you are not financially strong, don’t make the mistake of quitting your job to work from home. It isn’t easy to manage two labours simultaneously, but you have to ensure that your home-based work gives you enough sustainable revenue before leaving your career.

  1. Lack of college education

People without degrees tend to think they can’t do business because of education. However, in today’s world, it doesn’t matter if you are a college dropout; there are lots of skills and their courses are readily available on the internet for free. You can learn the skill of your interest and start providing services for it. Every skill doesn’t require special training, and still, they pay well.

  1. Taken for granted

The concept of being taken for granted if you are working from home is a mere myth. You have to be professional in your dealings; it doesn’t matter where you work. If you conduct an online meeting, you should dress appropriately and talk professionally. Your background environment should be quiet so that no disturbance occurs during the session, and you are good to go.

These are the few myths considered acceptable widely. We have to come out of our bubble and start working the way we are comfortable and sound, no matter how odd it looks. We have to focus on our growth only.

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