Mountain In Sidaab

Middle Eastern countries are widely known as mountainous areas. Oman is one of the Middle Eastern countries, and I live in its capital Muscat. There are mountains everywhere here. If you see outside of any house, you will find mountains in front back or any of the sides. Oman Government retained the nature intact. The weather here remains hot most of the months, but it’s always pleasant and cold from November till February.

So this time we went to a mountain in Sidaab (an area of Muscat). It’s only a few kilometres away from the location I live. It was the best hike so far because of its view. When we reach the other side of the mountain, there is a sea, and its view is so mesmerizing, you keep walking on the mountain, and there is this sea beneath. We felt so refreshed we didn’t even feel tired; the sea breeze and view were refreshing and lovely. We kept walking and reached the sea on the other side, then there was another hill we climbed that and got to the other side of the sea, and then from there, we came back all along. The above picture is from the highest point of the mountain, but in view, it feels as if we were standing on the shore.

Here are a few glimpses of our hike and the view all along;

This is the point where our hiking adventure starts.
After climbing the ladder, there was this hole at our right side. It was on peak, and there was no stable point to stand, but we climbed there and took some beautiful clicks. We were taking turns here because only one person at a time could have stood here. So the rest of us were balancing ourselves at the other points near this one to take pics. The view was worth it.
This one is in the middle of the mountain. Height isn’t visible in the picture, but we were at a good height in reality.
This point was the most dangerous and beautiful one because it was the peak of the mountain and the sea was so deep down. We took some fantastic pics here as it was truly mesmerizing.
A closer look at the Final Destination

Article and Photography By Attia


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  1. Very beautiful pictures and very n8ce article by my favourite blogger. Your descriptions are so illustrative that it feels as if I am seeing it from my own eyes.
    Thanks to you for the wonderful article and very nice pictures.

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  2. Thanks, Nice to know about my favourite bloggers. both of youbare realy talened and very good bloggers. Love reading the blogs ❤. Look forward to know more :).

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