Purify the Soul

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

4 thoughts on “Purify the Soul

      1. 💜 Our “Soul” is “Pure” EveryOne; it’s Our Minds that ARE Polluted by ImPure THOUGHTS!!! Words and Deeds…some call it Four Aspects of Being Human, SOMB (Rhymes with WOMB; Soul, Observer, Mind, Body) so when The Mind is Polluted by Conditioned UpBringing and Eventuates in MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) The “Soul” Gets Sad 😔 until The Mind Decides to Admit, Acknowledge and Address MMHI; in The MeanTime The Body Demands Instant Gratification with Substance and Sex…any more questions EveryBody; for AnyBody at ALL 🤔 ?

        Before YOU!!! Share and Answer please 🙏🏿 Do YOUR!!! Research in to this Psychiatric and Psychological Philosophy that is called TA (Transactional Analysis) then Apply it to YOURSELF!!! and it Will STOP!!! YOU!!! Finding YOURSELF!!! JUDGING!!! Blaming and Finding Fault with Others; http://www.ericberne.com


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