What is NEST Secure?

Nest Secure is a home security system developed by Google’s Nest brand, which was later rebranded as Google Nest. It includes several components that work together to monitor and protect your home against intruders.

The Nest Secure system includes a Nest Guard hub, which serves as the central control panel for the system. It also includes Nest Detect sensors, which can be placed on doors, windows, and walls to detect motion and monitor entry points. Additionally, Nest Tags can be used to arm and disarm the system without the need for a passcode.

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

The Nest Secure system can be controlled using the Nest app on your smartphone, and it can be integrated with other Nest devices, such as Nest cameras and Nest thermostats, to create a more comprehensive home automation system.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

It’s worth noting that Google discontinued the Nest Secure system in 2020 and no longer sells it. However, if you already own a Nest Secure system, you can continue to use it and receive support from Google.

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