Different life experiences teach us a lot of things while living life. It’s always better to ponder over and calculate the positive and negative impact of different backgrounds on our lives. Because if we don’t understand them, we’ll be making many more wrong decisions/steps in the future.

I am a very private person, and I never share my personals with anyone at all for fear of being judged. But spending my life, I realized there must always be at least one person in your life with whom you should share every detail of your life, and that person must be sincere, learned and older than you. Be it someone from your immediate family, extended family or any outsider. It will be ideal if you have someone to share with other than your immediate family as our parents and siblings already know us and everything related to us. But due to being in the same circumstances and brought up, they will all think alike. Having someone outside the family will give the broader ideas and a whole different experience. That person will be looking at our family and us as a third person with a different approach and aspect. It will give versatile knowledge and advice. We will be able to picture life differently, which will provide more clarity in our decisions. We will be aware and prepare for the consequences in advance of taking any decision.

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These days we don’t tolerate anyone’s advice as everyone perspective is ‘It’s our life, and we will be the one taking decisions of it’. I also agree that everyone doesn’t have the right to interfere and give free bits of advice to anyone. Still, there should always be one person whose suggestion we should listen to and ponder before making any decision. This way, we will learn from others’ experiences and make our lives better instead of experiencing everything ourselves. Life is too short to experience everything on our own.

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6 Tips for a Strong Husband-Wife Relationship

In my last post, I discussed the importance of the husband-wife relationship, and I said couples should strengthen their bond and work on their relationship first before going further next step. In this post, I will discuss the tips that may help strengthen the bond between them.

Suppose we see the recent stats of marriages and divorces. In that case, we will find out the graph of divorce is much higher than the marriage and the reason behind it is the incompatibility between spouses which arises due to different reasons. Today, I will discuss a few tips to work a relationship better and grow it more substantial.

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  • Respect Each other

The first and the most important thing is always to respect your spouse. The basis of every relation in this world is respect, and the relationship can’t even move a step forward if the element of care is missing. Even in your hard times or when you quarrel, never disrespect each other, it will mend the hearts, and your relationship will become stronger after that period.

  • Never Make Comparison

Never compare your partners with others; it will make your partner insecure and diminish your relationship badly. Every relationship has its flaws and issues. No one is perfect. We can’t judge others chemistry just by a few Instagram pics and Facebook stories expressing their love. No one knows what is going on behind the scenes. You will never know their struggles in one pic or story, so never fantasize about others. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. It will only ruin your relationship.

  • Communication & Confession

Always communicate with your partner, share as much as you can. It will help to understand each other. If you have any complaints, share them with your partner instead of bitching around. It will help your spouse understand your issues, your likes and dislikes, and ultimately they will try to fix it, making you fall in love with them all over again. Share your routines, what did you do the whole day, whom you met, confess your love. The more you communicate, the more comfortable you will be with each other, and your bond will grow stronger.

  • Ego Management

Never keep your ego first with your partner. The partnership means equality, and the husband-wife relationship is like one body with two hearts. So keeping the ego in between will fall apart the body. If there is an issue between the partners, both should come forward, talk it out and resolve it instead of giving a silent treatment and nurturing their egos. There shouldn’t be any third party between husband and wife, not even their ego. It will only damage their relationship.

  • Handling Disagreement

It’s OK if both partners don’t agree on different matters, and it’s natural. Instead of quarrelling and objecting, learn to respect your spouse’s opinion. Never force your views and wishes on your spouse; instead, try to work it out with different perspectives. You live according to your personal choices and let your partner enjoy their life according to their choices. This way, both partners will explore new in life every day as both will have two ways to go collectively.

  • Give Space to Each Other

It’s a saying, ‘If you want to lose something, hold it tightly.’

Marriage doesn’t mean being together all the time. It means to be there for each other whenever needed. So constantly give space to each other. Let your partner go out and enjoy with their friends and family alone, and you do the same. Take a break from each other once in a while. This break will teach the importance of each other in life. The more you both miss each other, the more you will come closer. Some healthy leaves are always good for a relationship, and it nurtures the bond stronger.

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I still have a lot to say and a lot of tips, and I will write about it more some other time. For the time being, I think the length of the post is enough.

If you have some more tips, I would love to know them too. 😊

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Favorite Lines from my Poetry

Some Checks me,

Some Ignores me,

Some likes me,

Some envies me,

Thou they never get me,

People I meet!

Poetry by Zakia

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