Importance of RECYCLING

‘RECYCLING’ is the term used highly in this era. In every conversation, gathering, debate, discussion, Almost everywhere, BUT no one is bothered to work upon it. These days, it has become a norm that every other person is master in firing words and using terminologies and slogans. Still, we find the majority acting opposite to what they say practically. We see them reluctant to implement what they said.

If we look around ourselves, we will find that people are busy showing off how much they are blessed to buy whatever they want no matter what it cost. Hence they are wasting resources. We do not realize that by spending on articles that can be made easily at home from trashed items; we are wasting our funds and as well as we are polluting the environment more and making the survival of our future generation challenging.

For recycling, we use the term ‘3 R’s’; now the question is, what is the 3 Rs?

“The three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – all help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away. In addition, they conserve natural resources, landfill space, and energy. Plus, the three R’s save land and money.”

It is high time to play our part to minimize pollution in this world and start working upon this 3 R’s Program. We always talk about pollution and its disasters but are not willing to even take a step forward on our own. Statistics say; in 2015, POLLUTION killed 9 million people in the world. If we ponder over it why this happened, we will get the answers by ourselves. All this happens because individually, we all think that how can only a person, let suppose someone starts working upon the 3 R’s, would make a difference to the environment? So if we all think the same way and count our acts worthless, nothing will change then.

Moreover, soon the earth will no longer be a safe place to live, and species will extinct, As it is already happening, but in the future, humans will also be in those species who have started to extinct on this earth. When we throw a single bracelet in the sea, we assume what a single bracelet would do to the ocean but imagine there are 50,000 people at a time at the shore. Everyone is throwing their bracelets in the sea, having the same thoughts, what will we get in the result? There will be 50,000 bracelets in the ocean. Yes, a single bracelet would not do any harm, but 50,000 bracelets will pollute the sea and ultimately make life difficult for water creatures or maybe destroy them.

So the thing is, WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT IN THIS WORLD. Daily, from every single house, much waste is thrown in the garbage. If we all individually try to minimize the garbage quantity of our own homes, we can make this world less polluted.

Written By: Attia Hassan

To achieve happiness humans must pursue only extremely positive things

Where and how to get happiness? Does this come from wealth? Or Love? Or career success? Or gaining with high standards? Or achieving higher degrees? etc. I get lost when I see an unhappy wealthy person, unhappy lover, unhappy career successor, unhappy living on high standards, unhappy degree achiever….as I use to think they might be the happiest people on earth, since they achieved what they wished for but it’s exactly not, So where does this happiness live?

In current era, we humans work day and night to meet ends, gain success, wealth, career, education and what not but the true essence or ingredient is missing in our lives. Hence, it’s proved vitally that happiness does not mean any of these rather it comes somewhere inner you where there are no regrets, no negativity just thankfulness on every step. Let’s do some self analysis and invite our brain-heart duo to start seeing happiness everywhere: Oh wow! My morning tea was awesome and refreshing, my white rose plant is growing great, what a lovely view of my garden! Hey! I am on time today as I woke up fresh, what a blessed sleep last night! Let’s hop like kids when you get your favorite meal, why can’t we smile at each other just as a gesture of love and care?

This is why our kids are always complaining, as nothing makes them super excited! While we a decade or two ago, were more than happy getting even a new pencil box, or colorful erasers, a new bag, watching favorite cartoons, having popsicle together (a great treat), spending time with family, story time…………..This all gave strength rather useless meet-ups.

During this pandemic, I got chance to analyze human behavior and as per my results, “Happiness” is the most needed tablet in these times. I wish every doctor describe it to everyone, or this may be injected as vaccine. Happiness is the real fuel for your brain-heart duo, it strengthens a human and removes negativity, fear, distress and stress. The social animal (human) now realizing to live simply, make life easier for oneself as well as for others, be caring, be helpful, be kind, be a good human being, why now? Is it a fear of being no more? What if we have been doing this all ever as a human practice? Believe me this would have given the greatest happiness since happiness comes with sincerity and purity of one’s heart not from fear and actions that just show off!

Wish and pray to get this happiness for myself, family, friends and every other human on earth, lets live organic and grow happiness in our gardens.

Written by Zakia Hassan



Who is, Who can, Who will be the Hero?

Walks on the noblest path,
Have courageous thoughts,
Admirable and attractive,
And have a powerful will,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Ever ready for sacrificing truly,
Aiming to spread love,
Nature of hearty is his will,
Makes life heartened for others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Firm and sturdy in decisions,
Against the worries of the world,
Have exciting effects in nature,
Whom people fall in love at once,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Don’t live hereabouts himself,
Ever have time to spread success,
Always express surprise,
For the enthusiasm of others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Poem by Zakia Hassan

Hey Human! You are, You can, You will be the Hero! As this feature is only suitable for you as you are Human Being and Humanity should only be your characteristic. What are you waiting for? Can’t you be a noble person, with courageous thoughts, admirable nature, attractive leader with powerful Will?

Let me elaborate…… when you face hardships, it adds you as a new ring to the chain of life in the world whereby when you find your way out of your difficulties, you turn into a master piece. This Master piece is well polished and matured enough to give light, guide and help others in their hardships. So don’t you think you are the chosen! As you started one integral ring in the chain….

Furthermore, hoping for dreams come true is quite natural for a Human but is that the only step to realize your dreams? No my Dear! some special ingredients still awaited, such as, effort that sweats you out, determination, setting up goals, hard work with due knowledge. Hence it’s decided that there is no magic to get the dreams realized…..

Above all, I believe that a Hero is the Human, who is always satisfied of his efforts he puts in to realize his dreams…! So, is every success, is a satisfied success? In my opinion, it is not so… because a true success which satisfies the urge of a Human, is when his efforts are unconditional and fully packaged with sincerity, love, care and helpful for other Humans…..!

Written by Zakia Hassan


“All relationships without exception goes though challenges but honest and continuous sincere efforts to build relationship with times it becomes one unit like beautiful horizon.  What this entails is every relationship starts as two or more different personalities, which in the beginning starts as cautious distance between parties and with time distances reduces to a point where sky and ocean becomes horizon. Wait: but horizon has light followed by darkness and light again and this goes on until the end of the time. This tells us that maintaining good relationship requires the fuel of persistence, consistent efforts, strong determination, and burning obsession of each party who wants the normal relationship with expectation of bumpy road. But don’t forget, this has to be a joint effort from each party in relationship; solo efforts are very much likely to be a failed attempt.

In a nutshell this explains the wide spectrum of challenges which exist in each relationship. Personal relationship is defined in Oxford Dictionaries as the ‘state of being connected by blood or marriage’. The point of discussion here is relationship between spouses and in-laws, which without exception requires laser focus efforts with genuine desire to have long lasting relationship; by both parties.

Now a days when we marry our sons and daughters, we train them as a shroud politician as if we are sending them to win the election; one party has to lose. This is the reason in our culture relationships of in-laws and spouses has taken the turn for the worst.  My conclusion is that main ingredient of the relationships has been replaced by ego, self-centered, and lack of long-term vision of ultimate loser. This egocentric attitude of the parents and sibling of spouses are hurting their own to suffer through painful relationship.

Initially during the proposal, both families (bride & groom) look for and find good qualities among each other. They go as far as exaggerate the good attributes for each other although it doesn’t exist. Both families feel very attached to each other and find every excuse to get together more often. Well; nothing wrong with that, actually it is awesome, but it is usually short lived from the day of the wedding to God know how long or forever. Some disagreement turns into hate, name calling; remember they gave each other good attributes which even didn’t exist; and worse they avoid any face to face interaction, which completely blocks any chances for potentials for reconciliation.

Now, the war has begun between spouses and in-laws and warm and fuzzy feeling turned into hatred in each family. Groom started getting wrong and misguided information from his family and so bride’s family did the same thing to her. These gymnastic matches started creating a crack in spouses’ relationship. This turns each spouse to be on guard; always ready to retaliate. On the contrary this could have been the continuation of love, respect, acceptance and always looking or even manufacture good qualities as they started in the beginning of marriage proposal. Don’t forget the offspring of the couple may be affected as they observe the tension between the spouses. And natural tendencies are that when offspring turn into adulthood, they may carry on the tensions usually against the groom side of the family. A relationship which could have been very beautiful by pouring love, respect, acceptance, and patience have become the most horrible as we all are busy in pouring hatred on it which continuous in our future generation and the cycle goes on and on from generation to generations.

So, what is the antidote; fear of Allah, respect, recognize the right of relationship as defined and demonstrated by Quran, Sunnah, and our righteous figures whom we mention their names in our day to day life. Remember at the opening of this easy I said “families (bride & groom) look for and find good qualities among each other”, I call this throwing seed of love. Throw as many seeds as you can and let it grow to be a big tree with solid roots. And the shade of this tree is your paradise in this world.

Human & humanity

Human & Humanity


Being Human is structured
But, showing Humanity is an option!

Hey Human! Will you play?
Playing fairly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will u share?
Sharing openly! is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you give?
Giving heartedly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you love?
Loving confidently, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Will you sacrifice?
Sacrificing truly, is Humanity!

Hey Human! Do you know?
knowing you innerly, is Humanity!

By: Zakia Hassan

The picture is very clear that we are born Humans without choice but yes, practicing Humanity is truly our choice to prove our existence as a creature called “Human”

Let me bring in another term “Origin”. This is really a huge term to be discussed as it gives birth to various various branches and fruits as well as its roots found in the layers of soil. In between is the visible growth of a seed to a fruit!

Hence, “Origin of Human”, is what needs to be understood to practice “Humanity”. Do I mean to make you understand Human Evolution by the term “Origin of Human”?……… A Big NO….!
Since, I believe that nothing in any universe can be useless or meaningless, and this is what my mind answered logically to my urging question!

Are we here to just live?
Are we here to just make families?
Are we here to just spread love?
Are we here to just worship our lord?
Are we here as messengers?
Are we here just to be learned people?
Are we here to earn just prosperity?
Are we here for success?
Are we here to just sacrifice?
Are we here to help each other?
Are we here to explore the universes?
Are we here to just create history?
Are we here to know good or bad?
Are we here to just decipher the messages from our lord? OR
Are we here to see the Universes and appreciate its’ Creator?

Maybe answers to above all can solve this perplexed puzzle! Will the answers going to reveal “Humanity”?…………………….


Written By: Attia Hassan        

“FALL SEVEN TIMES GET UP EIGHT”, This is what life is all about. It’s a precious gift of God, but unique things always carry hardships with them; they are never easy to handle, they always need careful handling. Allah has given the control of human life in their own hands; now, it’s all upon us how we move forward in this journey.

Now, it is all upon us that how do we carry and handle the hardships? It’s a universal rule along with the blessings there is always a tiny package attached which is called Hardship in short, when the Lord of the world wants to bless His favourites. Lord sends blessings in disguise, called Hardships. Some people face them as cowards and erase themselves from the world. As if they never existed. Besides, some face them like warriors, their names get written in the gold books, and the universe remembers them until their existence.

If we want to conquer the world, we have to work hard as the key to success is hard work. There is no shortcut; there is no ease. Ease is a more significant threat to progress than Hardship. We have to keep moving, growing, learning no matter the circumstances. To start something, we have to be committed and to finish it up, consistency is needed. There is no start without commitment, and more importantly, there is no finish without consistency. That doesn’t matter if the journey was successful or not, but it is essential to start and finish things up to succeed in life because there are lessons to be learned between every start and finish line. Suppose we don’t take a step forward and start something with commitment. In that case, we won’t get courage in life, and if we don’t get to the finish line with consistency, we won’t learn anything to get to success one day; we will be left in between those start and finish lines forever with no motive, no objective.

It’s not easy; if it were accessible, there would have been no Mark Zuckerberg, no Einstein, no Newton, or Nelson Mandela. So we have to keep working, keep striving to touch the skies of success. That’s why it is said, “Fall seven times, get up eight BUT NEVER GIVE UP”.

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