Technology has made our lives so cosy and straightforward. It has brought a lot of opportunities for us, although there are some challenges too, it’s worth it. Among many different options, Work from Home is one of them and a major one that has provided many new opportunities. But unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, many of us aren’t able to utilise it thoroughly, and those who do all of them aren’t successful.

Why is it so? Because we undermine it and don’t do proper research on it like we would do for any other business before stepping into that. Because we don’t consider it a legit way of earning, many of us think it is for those who can’t do anything else or illiterate people. In short, it’s for useless ones, so it’s not worth it. It is a common approach of people that its easy to work from home and start earning.

So first we have to keep it clear in mind that to earn money itself isn’t easy. It requires a lot of hard work, whether you do it from the comfort of your home or step outside. Yes, working from home comes with many benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can compromise on hard work. You have to work equally hard or sometimes even more in the beginning. Even the benefits which come with it you earned; you don’t get them as a by-product of working from home. Now the question arises when we don’t get the benefits or money right away and even we have to work hard also then what difference does it make, why to prefer it or even try it.

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Here is the answer to that. Mostly people prefer to do a job as it gives stability and every month we get a fixed amount, so nothing to worry about then. They don’t realise that they are spending their time and efforts to make wealth for others instead of themselves. They sell their hours against the fixed amount and fixed-job. They empower the employers more and get stuck in that job loop forever. They can never make a fortune for themselves as, after all the hard work and hours, they get a fixed salary, not more than that. No matter how much business their hard work has given to the company, they will get the exact agreed amount, not more than that or maybe a raise or bonus once or twice a year which keeps them dependent on the job forever, never empowering them.

However, I never mean to say to quit jobs and start building their home-based businesses, not everyone fits in, but at least one should try to test if they can do it or not. But before moving towards it, first, do proper research on it, like what medium to choose and which skill or product is better because these things vary from person to person. After that, when you decide to start it properly, create it as a side business, check the potential and keep working on it. Never quit your job right after or before starting your home-based business; this is the mistake usually people make. Every business takes time to grow; no one can develop overnight. Companies get established with consistent hard work; once they set, you will start enjoying the luxuries that come with them. Now you will get time and location independence. There is the right time to quit a job when your business reaches a particular growth and starts giving you the luxuries and handsome amount of money.

It’s more of thinking out of the box, confidence, decision-making, and urges to grow on a better spectrum for yourself and your dependents/Family.

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Inspirational Christmas Message

Christmas is a celebration of an eternal message that if hope exists, love, light and life, the plan and purpose of God will outstretch.

An excellent memorandum for the whole of humanity to unite, spread love, create hopes, enlighten others’ lives and do not forget your connection plan with God.

This year, happiness and peace are potent slogans again.

Merry Christmas to all.

From Bloggers Zakia & Attia


Here are the four steps, Duhigg mentioned to transform our addictions;

Note: I will use my example to explain how can we work on the given four steps.

  1. Identify the Routine

Routine is the main element of the loop. The part we want to change, so it’s easy to identify it. In my case, what I wanted to change was my habit of sugar and junk consumption, leading to my weight gain drastically. But every situation is different, so that it can be anything like excessive drinking or smoking.

  1. Experiment the Rewards

Now comes the tricky part, which is experimenting with the reward, as we have to find the primary reason here for the craving, which has created a vital bridge between cue and reward. It is always challenging to find out which reward satisfies the primitive part to this extent. For this, we have to experiment with different prizes for a few days, and whenever we try new tips, it’s always better to write down the feelings we get right after getting them. It’s pretty easy to identify our longings if we review our past course of actions but hard to recognise when we are under its effect.

I tried many substitutions like taking a glass of milk or munching something like taking a slice of bread or having nuts. It doesn’t matter what we select in exchange for the existing routine. The main point is to test and discover which thing satisfies the urge. For instance, I’m yearning for something sweet glass of milk that will do the job. If I crave some munching, then having nuts will satisfy the longing.

Whatever I felt after each experiment, I wrote that down for future reference. And I found out after taking a proper meal that my craving satisfies when my tummy feels full.

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  1. Isolate the Cue

Now we have to identify the cue. At this stage, we already know about our routine and reward.

As I mentioned earlier, usually, all cues lie in any one of the following categories;

– Location

– Time

– Emotional state

– Other people

– Action immediately preceding the routine

I started noticing exactly why I started craving. After closely seeing for a few days, I found out that at a particular time, around four o clock, which is usually supper time due to hunger, I go into the state of craving. As I had already experimented with my rewards, I found out that it wasn’t because of my sweet tooth, but, to be precise, I felt hungry that time.

  1. Have a Plan

To short circuit the loop, we have to set up a plan according to the golden rule (I.e., to keep the cue and reward the same and change the routine).

In my case of sugars and junk consumption habits, I came up with a plan of having a bowl of oats or chickpeas every day at four o clock. It worked for me wonderfully. If you notice here, cues and rewards are exact; I changed routine; instead of consuming sugars or other junk stuff, I started taking a bowl of oats or chickpeas, which is healthy and keeps the tummy full for long.

It took me a long time to adjust to this new plan, but it worked eventually.

The Important Message

In the end, Duhigg mentioned that this hack has a major flaw that is it keeps working until you face any significant heartbreaking period in your life like someone close to you dies or you face a severe financial crisis. Once we face any, we will go back to our old loop. In the times we will need strong willpower to fight through, which only comes with the belief, i.e. the sense of not being alone in our hard times gives immense comfort and satisfaction, and we won’t get triggered.

The main point is there should be some belief no matter what to keep you going and save you from falling into the old loop; otherwise, it will last till life is good with us. It doesn’t need to be the belief of God; whatever idea you have, it will work even if it’s a friend. But with the help of faith, it will change into nature.

Blogger Attia


It’s 7th December today (apologies to post a day late). The darkest day of my life. When I went to bed with my firstborn on the night of 6th December 2015, I couldn’t have imagined what would I wake up to the next day. That night my 17months old was beside me in the bed, and the next night he was in NICU, getting closer and closer to death with each passing day. Since then, every December and June hits me bad. I know I should have continued and completed the HABIT topic, but my mind is distracted, so I thought to share it.

It is the day that turned my whole world upside down. I used to crochet a lot those days, so I worked on a project the entire night. I am an early riser; I used to wake up early and complete my house chores before my baby woke up during that time. But that day, I woke up late. My baby woke me up when he got up. He was starving and asked me for his milk bottle, which wasn’t ready. I got up, thinking I would prepare his bottle first and then go to the loo, but I went to the loo due to an emergency. My kid was behind me, and I couldn’t block the door, which I used to do so that he wouldn’t come in due to the emergency. A night before, my husband told me that he had cleared the clogged drain before sleeping, and I said okay, casually ignoring how he removed it. But the next day, when my kid followed me in the washroom, he saw the mug he used to play with while showering and some other toys. He picked that up, and I was okay. He saw some water inside the cup and drank that. I moved forward to stop him thinking the water wasn’t safe to drink, but he already drank it before I stopped him. It all happened in a few seconds. And to my utter shock, my kid started scratching his tongue I couldn’t understand what exactly happened due to the pain he threw the mug far I picked up that mug to see what was in that and what I found was mind-numbing. It was the acid solution. My husband used to bring the powder acid and pour it in the drain directly, but that night he made the solution in that cup as he didn’t know anything about the cup. He just saw it near the sink. He made the solution in that and then poured it into the drain. He told me he had washed the cup afterwards, but maybe he didn’t wash it properly because I saw some powder acid particles in that cup and a little bit of leftover water maybe after washing. The whole night those particles and water drops reacted and made a concentrated solution which burnt my baby from mouth till anus internally, and it was a third-degree burn. My kid got distorted in front of me, and my mind wasn’t working. I thought to call my husband, but I couldn’t figure out where my mobile was. I didn’t want to waste even a second, so I picked him up and tried to make him drink some water so acid may neutralize inside. I started pouring water into his mouth and was trying to figure out where is my mobile at the same time. I tried to run water into his mouth on the sink, and my son was biting my fingers due to pain; Instead of gulping it down. Suddenly I remembered where my mobile was; I left my baby on the bathroom floor and ran to my handbag to take out my mobile, it just took a few seconds, but when I can back with my mobile, I saw my baby’s whole mouth had turned black. I just lost all my hope in that moment and thought now only God can save him. He is all burnt. I called my husband. His office was on a five-minute drive when he came home.

I ran to unlock the door after reaching because I used to keep the door locked from inside during that period for extra security. My husband took the baby to the nearest hospital, where he was born, and then they sent us to the Government hospital due to the severity. There they put him on a ventilator and told us his condition. They said we don’t know what will happen; next, we have to wait and monitor him because there is no medicine for the burn. It will heal itself. How much time it will take to heal and what will be the results of healing we can’t tell you. It’s a long story about what happened afterwards how each day passed after that. But on 6th June 2016, after the same six months, my kid left this world, and I was empty-handed.

To this day, this incident haunts me every night. I couldn’t sleep for so long. I used to be awake the whole day and night. The first time I slept was when my second child turned 8months old. My mother was with me in the hospital when my second child was born and continuously asked me, why aren’t you sleeping? It’s been three days. I told her I didn’t know, but I could not sleep even after trying.

Since then I have kept my mobile with me all the time. I never lock the door from inside. And the most important thing doctors told me was whenever there is acid burn, never give water, always give milk. Water increases the damage, and milk secures from damage.

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STRUGGLE (Reposting)

“FALL SEVEN TIMES GET UP EIGHT”, This is what life is all about. It’s a precious gift of God, but unique things always carry hardships with them; they are never easy to handle, they always need careful handling. Allah has given the control of human life in their own hands; now, it’s all upon us how we move forward in this journey.

Now, it is all upon us that how do we carry and handle the hardships? It’s a universal rule along with the blessings there is always a tiny package attached which is called Hardship in short, when the Lord of the world wants to bless His favourites. Lord sends blessings in disguise, called Hardships. Some people face them as cowards and erase themselves from the world. As if they never existed. Besides, some face them like warriors, their names get written in the gold books, and the universe remembers them until their existence.

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If we want to conquer the world, we have to work hard as the key to success is hard work. There is no shortcut; there is no ease. Ease is a more significant threat to progress than hardship. We have to keep moving, growing, learning no matter the circumstances. To start something, we have to be committed and to finish it up, consistency is needed. There is no start without commitment, and more importantly, there is no finish without consistency. That doesn’t matter if the journey was successful or not, but it is essential to start and finish things up to succeed in life because there are lessons to be learned between every start and finish line. Suppose we don’t take a step forward and start something with commitment. In that case, we won’t get courage in life, and if we don’t get to the finish line with consistency, we won’t learn anything to get to success one day; we will be left in between those start and finish lines forever with no motive, no objective.

It’s not easy; if it were accessible, there would have been no Mark Zuckerberg, no Einstein, no Newton, or Nelson Mandela. So we have to keep working, keep striving to touch the skies of success. That’s why it is said, “Fall seven times, get up eight BUT NEVER GIVE UP”.

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HERO (Reposting)

Who is, Who can, Who will be the Hero?

Walks on the noblest path,
Have courageous thoughts,
Admirable and attractive,
And have a powerful will,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Ever ready for sacrificing truly,
Aiming to spread love,
Nature of hearty is his will,
Makes life heartened for others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Firm and sturdy in decisions,
Against the worries of the world,
Have exciting effects in nature,
Whom people fall in love at once,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Don’t live hereabouts himself,
Ever have time to spread success,
Always express surprise,
For the enthusiasm of others,
Is the Hero, can be the Hero, will be the Hero!

Poetry by Zakia


Today I will discuss how we can change our destructive addictions into good ones.

Our basal ganglia is a primitive part, so it can not discriminate between good and bad habits. It only understands the dividend it gets after the particular ritual. And if it doesn’t get the reward it seeks, it turns against us. We can get rid of our addictions, but our basal ganglia won’t let us do it. No matter how hard we strive, we eventually get tired of fighting these mind games and give in to our old patterns. It is too powerful to resist.

Cue and rewarding the habit loop are like solid magnets which require too much force to pull apart, which exhausts the person mentally and physically too soon.

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So, Instead of getting rid of our addictions completely, we can transform them from bad to good, which is viable. Duhigg gave a golden rule for this transformation, and he says, ‘If you use the same cue and provide the same reward, you can shift the routine and change the habit.’He called it short circuit the loop. By applying this rule, we can transform almost all our patterns. We need to keep the old cue and reward the exact change of the routine in between, which is the main element we want to change.

The process of habit change requires a lot of patience, persistence, and effort. We can’t change any addiction overnight. Duhigg has provided a general four-step framework to change a habit. As there are a lot of different addictions, no single formula can work. But we can analyze our habit, which we want to change and categorize its components in cue, routine, and reward, and then according to that, we can use his four-step guide to shift.

                                                    To Be Continued…

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