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Looking for Reviews – Our Blogging Journey

Hello Readers

First, we must thank you all for supporting and appreciating our articles, thoughts and quotes, which really meant the world to us. We have been lucky enough to have such great readers in our blogging journey.

The blogging journey is a different experience for every other blogger/writer, though in common we all are thirsty for comments, feedback, support and appreciation. This two-way interaction enlightens many dark corners and polishes our work for better production. To be honest, we started cluelessly of results, but with the core to spread our thoughts & messages to bring about positivity and act as a beacon.

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Nevertheless, the journey was sometimes tiring, researching and jotting down thoughts, however, it turned out miraculously amazing with such a good number f responses and followers. Indeed, we will share every milestone achievement very soon in our blogging journey (recently completed three years at WordPress).

We would like to request our valued readers to help us to choose the right area to focus on, and for that, we expect a lot of comments as feedback and the type of content we should continue. As we believe you as Reader most. The options are :

Long articles on life and its reality (suggestions invited)

Famous quotes (including the translated ones)

Thoughts by Zakia / Attia (our own thoughts)

Short articles with some new topics (suggestions invited)

Your suggestions are most precious to us, looking forward to your comments. Furthermore, also suggest to us, should we post once daily OR twice daily.

Thank you all for making our journey such a great one.

Kind Regards

Bloggers: Zakia & Attia

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