How to Recycle Cardboard

I have written a blog regarding the importance of recycling previously. In this blog, I find it necessary to share some ideas related to recycling different things. So today, I will start with the concept of recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are a big part of our daily life. Whenever we shop for toys, electronics, etcetera, we get them. Be it big or small in some form or the other we get hold of it in our shopping. What we usually do is throw them away.

Two years back, this idea came to my mind that typically these cardboard boxes are firm, so why don’t I use them as a shelf. It was the time when I got hold of few cardboard boxes altogether. So I started working on the implementation of my idea, and it worked. They turned out to be great shelves.

So here is the method how I did it;


1. Material of the Box

Always keep the thick n strong boxes, e.g., boxes of perfumes, detergent boxes, laptop packaging, or any box that is strong enough to hold things.

2. Type of Glue

Never use standard glues like hot glue or white glue, or any other adhesives. It needs a strong bond to hold the Box firmly in the position even after keeping its weight. Right now, I’m using EPOXY. But actually, I asked my husband to go to any furniture shop n ask them that you want the glue which keeps the wood or metal intact because these glues r always very strong, and he brought this epoxy. I have applied epoxy to the boxes. Yes, it’s powerful that it has kept the boxes intact with the wall even after putting the load on them.

3. Contact Paper

You can use any Paper-like wrapping paper or any other whatever you want to wrap up the Box, but I took this contact paper because I didn’t have to go through the hassle of applying scotch tape or glue. It was straightforward to wrap it around the Box, and it gives the effect of a natural shelf/rack. There is a vast range of textures n print in these papers. These can b applied to furniture too if you want to renovate. For me, these r the lifesavers.


Take a box and cut them according to the shape you want. Sometimes you won’t need to cut it as sometimes, especially in toys, they are already cut in a particular form. Apply contact paper on it, and then glue it to the wall where you want.

In this way, I recycle the cardboard boxes, and it looks decent. If you don’t tell anyone specifically, no one would ever know that the shelves are actually from a recycled cardboard box. You can also use cardboard boxes, i.e. cartons as storage boxes and toy organizers.

In the end, here I am giving the pictures of some of the shelves I made from cardboard.

Blogger: Attia


Small talk but huge Background,

When thou consider all it around,

When thou mention one’s highness,

Thou throw them to ground,

Don’t you think?

When thou is told,

To me, thou is gold,

Thou loses credence,

Remains no more bold,

Don’t you think?

As soon one misses thou,

Expresses one needs thou,

Soon thou feel the urge,

Never ponders, yet captures thou,

Don’t you think?

People who pick thou up

Who makes thou bold,

Who misses thou ever,

Who gave you birth, your parents!

Don’t you think?

Poetry by Zakia

LIFE Stands for?

Life is Labyrinth,

Individualism makes it Idyll,

Fantasy makes it Facilitated,

Education gives Elation

Life works well with

Grace marks, top-ups, discounts, extras

In love, care, sacrifice & give-outs

Renders strength to succeed

Life is a self-play game,

Others can’t lead that,

Self-player needs to Be Gentle

To bring in Clemency.

Remember to strive for the best,

Though your wishes will shatter,

You blessed with life once,

Revamp shattering strongly.

Success in life needs focus

Earning best is our manifest

Acquiring Love or Wealth?

Verdict all yours!

Poetry By Zakia


My sorrowful mystery days,

When I am not in myself,

When I am not successful,

Structured like an abyss,

No accord with days,

When facing bigotry,

Losing my audacity,

Left with no crest,

Are my sorrowful Mystery days!

Results into resentments,

Negativity reaches nowhere,

Losing my strengths,

Impoliteness everywhere,

Free from self-judgements,

No path to adhere,

When I disregard the enlightenments,

Are my sorrowful mystery days!

Poetry by: Zakia

Life Culprit Analysis

Life a most precious gift from God that has no substitute! SO it’s a history that unique things have security threats and the culprits try to harm them.

One fine day making my breakfast, I realized my ankles were aching; a thought passed by what the reason might be? Are my shoes uncomfortable? No! they are the most comfortable ones. Then what? Is it some serious health issue? No other symptoms, then? It struck my mind at once Am I going towards obesity? Oh, this might be the cause!

I pondered and reached a weird but logical question! Why my feet are penalized when they never had to do anything with obesity, huh! Wasn’t it the brain that pops up every time to have more junk into the stomach, using organs to fulfil the desire, but feet are non of those components! Though pain is born mainly by feet and other parts of legs carrying all the weight.

So the real culprit is not face-off, besides innocent feet face it. Pondering more over the Life Culprit Analysis, you know what? The culprit uses many tools to burden other organs, such as stress, anxiety, depression, overthinking, negativity, cheating, and obesity (many others to list).

I know you must be thinking, where is the flow moving? I was speechless when I dived deep, and these are purely my thoughts. It might not have a common implication, still thought to pen down and share what I pondered. Am I the only one taking it this or some others in the pool too?

Have you ever come across a situation, must-have, where you could not figure out where your fault was and why are you penalized when you have nothing to do with it?  You know what, the culprit is common! And you are taking all burden and not recognizing the culprit; instead, question yourself.

Life Culprit Analysis is something every human in trouble, actively or passively, should do to live a better, balanced and happy life without grievances, distress and other typical negative sentiments. This analysis might not immediately remove the culprit moves. Still, it would enable you with good resistance, and soon you will be able to lead the culprit and Change it into the best companion!


Blogger: Zakia

Screen time of Kids in Pandemic

Primarily, Television /Media is an advantageous invention that plays a good role in the growth of young brains. Although, it has observed that many other programs are affecting young minds adversely too. Parents usually think, especially during the Pandemic, it’s a good activity where kids are busy and do not get into sibling fights or quarrels. Also, parents get a distraction-free time for their work compared to physical activities, where parents need to look after actually and bear the noises around. This increased screen time with useless programs impacts kids’ personalities and a significant risk to life.

Parents can nourish young brains nicely. Parents are responsible for the good upbringing of their kids, and sometimes it’s also the society (relatives, teachers, grandparents etc.). And media comes last in the list. These days, parents are busier in earning their bread and butter, which doesn’t allow them to mingle with kids or provide them with extra co-curricular activities (focusing the current Pandemic). Hence, when kids find parents busy, they get busy with different screens, gaming, and programs per their available facilities and interests (besides academic online classes).

Nowadays, Media is more towards controversial programs, fights, adult content, misleading body language, etc., even the cartoon programs not up to the mark. It is impacting worst on young brains, especially where they watch negative characters succeeding.

Towards a solution, it is suggested not to stop them from Media rather fix the timings. Screens not to be provided in their bedrooms and watch some good programs with them. Spending quality time with your young ones now will help you nourish and bring up good humans.

Blogger: Zakia

Education challenges during Covid 19

What does Education stand for? Let’s be specific with the literal meanings; Education is derived from Latin words to nourish, bring up, lead, or guide. Hence Education is a process of facilitating learning. Whereby, the dictionary meanings says, “the process of imparting/ acquiring knowledge, evolving the skills of logic and decisions, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life” (as per Google online dictionary). While the Oxford dictionary says, “It’s a procedure of tutoring, coaching, and studying, by and large in schools, colleges or universities, to improve knowledge and develop skills.

Without going into debates, I would go with the organic definition, rather a logical one where Education is a continuous process without limitation, specification, and boundaries. Education is more like a beautiful and colorful butterfly flying freely and deciphering new glances rather than like a horse that is fixed with Blinkers so it can look straight ahead only and remain focused on the set target by the trainer.

Keeping both scenarios intact, let’s look into recent years’ pandemic situation that baffled the world. It was more of a freeze situation across the globe with no clue, no solutions, just idle, and after a lot of struggle, this phase seems to be on a better track with lots of hopes. Bringing my readers to the most painful part of the pandemic, after the life losses, hunger, and poverty, was the education sector that faced the most challenges. Schools/institutes, teachers, parents & students all in chaos! Why? Because it was a system collapse, and it all worked as a chain. Here I want to put up the “The Education Challenges during Covid 19” to realize the pain everyone went through being dependent on the set system:

  • How and where to get Education?
  • How to restore the system?
  • How schools or other educational institutes will function?
  • How will the school function with the help of teachers?
  • Online classes, how?
  • Technology usage the biggest challenge in underdeveloped countries!
  • Syllabus completion, will it be possible?
  • EXAMS! The biggest challenge!
  • How schools/institutions will register new students as per their specifications (age, grades, etc.)
  • Parents to wait for admission policies in their desired schools (still on hold in many countries).

Although there is a long list of education sector challenges, these are the few tips on a continuous streak for more than one and a half years. 

Of course, “The Education Challenges during Covid 19” are known ones, and I do not want to emphasize them anymore, but this chaos made me think of ways out. Why are we too dependent on the system? I took this as an alarm or an opportunity to find measures to be self-made and not reliant on the system. I never want to give the apprehension that I am against it. I want everyone to realize the situation positively and be always ready with remedies. Like I opted for homeschooling to make Education, the act of nourishing and bringing up, a continuous process that is free from system collapse. I believe that it’s our responsibility to impart knowledge without a gap at any cost.

Do you agree? Anyone, on the same boat?

Blogger: Zakia

Career Counseling

One of the most significant decisions of a person’s life is to choose a
career. It is the turning point of one’s life that makes or breaks the life.
One wrong career choice throws a person back in life, so it is vital what
career a person chooses to be a successful man/woman.

Now it is a long debate what success is but nowadays if we look around
ourselves and even ponder on ourselves too, we will find if a person is
earning well, have financial stability and have a luxurious life we
consider that person a successful one. So means we measure success
with financial stability, so that I will be talking here in the same account.
So the main question is: are there some careers that fail a person, and
no one should choose them? The answer is NO! It’s not the career that
fails us; it’s our wrong career choice that fails us. All professions are
good to choose; not every domain is for everyone. To choose it wisely,
we have to understand ourselves, nature, strengths, and weaknesses. It
is unnecessary that if a person is successful in one profession, the other
will also succeed. A successful domain for one can be a failure for
others. But we don’t realize it.

When our youngsters come up to us for advice on which career to
choose, we tell them to choose the career in demand that will make
much wealth. But, what we don’t realize is; if that child is capable of the
profession? Is it his expertise/interest? We don’t consider all these
things while giving career advice. We don’t realize that our one wrong
piece of advice can ruin that child’s future. We don’t even realize that
the career in demand today does not have to remain in the market
tomorrow or forever. Times change, things change, so the need. And it
doesn’t mean that if few careers are in demand, the rest are useless
and not doing good. Every profession has its value and demand.

If we choose a career according to our expertise, capabilities, and
interests, we will always be successful, and we will be able to manage
our way in the profession to extract wealth out of it, be it in demand or
not. But if we run after wealth only and choose the domain considering
the amount of wealth we suspect we can get, we will end up nowhere.
So always run after the skill, education, or expertise of interest wealth
will come along itself and follow wherever we go.

Blogger: Attia


Animation by : Attia

Once I met an infant,

Who was searching something,

I asked, “What are you searching my dear?”

Answer was, “I lost my message, and I am searching it”.

Once I met a child,

Who was searching something,

I asked, “What are you searching little champ?”

Answer was, “I lost my infancy, and I am searching it”.

Once I met a teenager,

Who was searching something too,

I asked, “What are you searching my dear?”

Answer was, “I lost my childhood, and I am searching it”.

Once I met a youngster,

Who was searching something too,

I asked, “What are you searching buddy?”

Answer was, “I lost my teenage, and I am searching it”.

Once I met a mid-ager,

Who was searching something too,

I asked, “What are you searching sir?”

Answer was, “I lost my young age, and I am searching it”.

Once I met an old ager,

Who was searching something too,

I asked, “What are you searching my dear sir?”

Answer was, “I lost my golden days, and I am searching it”.

I just sat down

Thoughts covered all around

Me too searching something

How to get rid of regrets man facing

My heart then inclined

And texted my mind

Do live life with great pleasure

Or regrets would create pressure!

Poetry by : Zakia

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