Sunday a rest day! Pictorial-Words😀

Hello readers

This post wasn’t planned at all as I thought I could enjoy Sunday as “rest day”! I shouldn’t have pondered so when I did a small commitment a night before that however took my whole rest day!

Even after pondering hard, I couldn’t find a single second of an extra breathe! No, no, no, it wasn’t a party at all. Still, I had to be on my toes! Commitment, a promise with my girls to cook together as per their menu wishes😇. So I feel I shouldn’t waste my words you can all imagine the whole day, the conditions in the entire house, especially my kitchen, pity😉

Donuts making is fun, and I counted that above 120😅 believe me, at times I felt my hands as a rolling pin. I know you must be amazed! However, it was super fun and named “Tiring Day”.

Family time is always fun, revamps your energies, brings in positive vibes and strengthen your relationships. The gems of one’s life, Stay blessed and be the life changer😇

Blogger Zakia


When I was about to become a mommy first time, I was so confused about my baby’s shopping, like what should I buy and what I shouldn’t buy. I wanted to be precise about the shopping as I’m not too fond of wastage, so I wanted to be sure that everything I’m buying is functional and along with that I didn’t want to miss any necessity. So I needed to know what are the essentials and their quantity also. That time my sister guided me a lot and helped me in preparing the list. And then a lot of things I learned after baby’s delivery also as experience teaches you the most. After handling three newborns, I should share a few essentials that seem to be very petty, but when you have a newborn, their absence makes life difficult. And if people request me to share the whole list, I will post a detailed list, and if you want, I will also share what things one should never buy.

So here are the ten essentials which I think a mommy should always have;

  1. Bubble diaper changing mat
  2. Blanket
  3. Wrapping sheets
  4. Baby nest
  5. Sleepsuits with zipper
  6. Baby cocoon
  7. Diaper bag
  8. Baby toiletries
  9. Breastfeeding cover
  10. Burp cloth
  • Bubble Diaper Changing Mat

It is that one thing I didn’t have when my first baby was born as I bought a regular diaper changing mat. So whenever I went out somewhere, I always found it challenging to lay baby’s head on any platform as they are usually tiles, and no matter how much you try but it hits baby’s head which made it challenging for me to change baby’s diaper anywhere I used to keep three cotton sheets in my bag to keep it under baby’s head. But later on, I found this plastic bubble sheet that made my life heaven. Bubble sheet comes in three sizes, and you can choose the sheet according to your baby’s height, but for newborns, small is enough. It is big enough to cover them from head to toe, and it’s weightless and will sit in the corner of your bag after wrapping it. So no matter wherever you are, you can just spread it and lay the baby on it as it is plastic, so it is easily washable and dries out. I used this bubble sheet not only for diaper changing but more or less for everything like sleeping, eating, diaper-free time and whatnot. Always buy too one for home and one to keep in the baby bag.

  • Cotton Blanket

I consider a mommy should always have a cotton blanket at least three at a time. One for the diaper bag, one for use at home and one in spare. These cotton blankets help a lot while travelling and at home; to spread under or over them.

  • Wrapping sheets

Wrapping sheets are the most important ones. Babies feel secure while being wrapped as they have tiny space in the womb, so if you don’t cover them, they will be scared, so wrapping is essential and always buy the ones ready to use; You have to tuck them in, not the basic loose ones, and it will save you time. Always buy four to five.

  • Baby Nest

Baby nest helps in travelling as well as at home also in carrying and even if someone comes to meet you won’t feel stressed out in handing the baby over to someone else. Always buy at least three, one for home, one for travelling and one in spare.

  • Zip Sleepsuits

Buy plenty of sleepsuits as these are the handiest ones. Your baby will cover head to toe in one go, and you will be at ease. Always buy the ones with zippers, not buttons, and it will save time.

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  • Baby Cocoon

Baby cocoons are so helpful while putting babies to sleep as they are cosy and comfy. You will not stress over the whole night about the baby removing the blanket, and the baby will feel secure and comfortable.

  • Diaper Bag

Always buy diaper bags that have a different compartment for everything. It will be helpful when you are out and in urgency; you will know precisely in which portion you will find a particular thing.

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  • Baby Toiletries

Only buy soap, shampoo and baby shower and in the most miniature packs. As newborns are too tiny, they don’t consume much, and more oversized loads will expire before you finish them. I love babies natural fragrances, so I don’t use powders, and for moisturization, I use natural oils, which are more beneficial than creams.

  • Breastfeeding cover

Keep the breastfeeding cover with you; it will help if you are out or at home with other kids or in a place where you cannot have privacy. It will be a lifesaver for you.

  • Burp Cloth

Newborns spit out a lot while burping. It will save your dress, keeping it on your shoulder while burping them.

I have shared these ten essentials according to my experience. I would love to hear about your experiences too. Would you please comment and share the needs you found for a newborn?

Blogger Attia


I read somewhere in my childhood that a miracle happens when you seek help from God with all your will and positive energies gathering your spirit and belief. True stories reveal that it occurs once a person is in deep sorrow and yelping deep from the heart for a helping hand. Many had witnessed miracles in their lives when they got help from unseen, unexpected and beyond imagination. I noticed it many times in my practical life, standing alone, no helping hand, no possible rescue can be seen, no way out, all doors closed, marooned with distress, yes, but there was hope, and the hope was of help from God. Every time got invisible helping hands, and things got settled in no time.

I recently came across a deep saying in another language and would try my best to translate it nicely and effectively. I feel I should share because the message was beyond our hope of a miracle to rescue us.

The Translation is:

“When God wills to help someone, he produces any means from the unknown and creates possibility from the impossible.” (Translation of a quote by a scholar named Ashfaq Ahmed)

I was lost in the selection and was speechless, how loving is our God, and how lucky we will be when we gain such blessed help from God.

Anyone who wants to share their experience with us, any miracles in your lives?

Blogger Zakia


On a branch of a tree,

A sorrowful nightingale seated lonely,

Dark all around,

After a tiring search of food,

Crying for help to get home,

Nothing was visible,

As darkness grew stronger,

Yelping nightingale heard by a firefly,

Zooms to the yelp,

“Don’t be sad, though a small fly but offers you help,”

Nightingale, in surprise, forgets to blink her eyes,

Firefly cheers, “Why worry about darkness? I will light your way!”

“God has blessed my little torch,

Sparkling me as a lamp in the dark,”

Firefly then said

Good are the ones in the world

Supporting others in trouble!


What a Great message of Kindness did a firefly gave! So Kindness is important since we all are somehow dependent on each other and expect similar respect, cooperation, support and assistance, sooner or later, but would love to enjoy Kindness in return. Let’s support and help each other, being Humans! We are thankful to all readers who read our articles, liked, commented and appreciated the efforts. That is a great support and inspiring all to uplift each other.  It’s a chain, and we all are interconnected. Stay blessed and spread Kindness!

Poetess/ Blogger: Zakia


We feel our readers might find this topic a little different; believe me, it has exact proportional value as of sentiments in ones’ life. Since our blog is entitled to write about “Be the Life Changer”, we would love to cover every aspect we feel somehow impacts or relates to the CHANGE.

Human & Animal Relationship, termed as (HAR) by many behavioral researchers and analysts, has recorded vital importance in human and animal behaviours. This relationship has been used and suggested for stress control therapies, distress, emotional health etc. The Human-animal Alliance commemorates in a diversified situation or context.

The labour animals, primarily, are known for their relationships with their human trainers. The emotional support, therapy, and service animals impart comfort, render security, and execute day-to-day tasks to assist their keepers throughout life.

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HAR is proven productive and as a means of therapy for various emotional controls. So, which animals fit best? It depends and varies from person to person. However, it is best to go with low-maintenance pets both for sensitive adults and young kids especially. Since having a pet in your family would be a huge lifestyle change; therefore it is advisable to take a vigilant decision. Let’s list down the animals with low maintenance and most rewarding:

Basic list

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Tortoise
  • Rabbit
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Advanced list

  • Horse
  • Camel
  • Cow
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
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The foremost reason for detailing the Human and Animal Relationship (HAR) was a deliberate try to suggest our friends seek calmness, relaxation, peace, emotional support and sentimental balances in their lives, especially in the Pandemic scenario of Covid 19. We have witnessed many people cut off social strings in fear and be cautious after a high fatality rate during Covid and after-effects. Human is a social animal; hence it was devastating to bear this all. Coming to my point of petting an animal is highly recommended to cheer up and balance your emotions. A new addition to your house will bring positivity to your thoughts and behavior.  

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Health researchers stated that human-animal interaction had shown decrease levels of cortisol (hormone related to stress) and lower blood pressure.

Question #1: Anyone of you tried HAR?

Question # 2: Did you witness positive changes?

Question # 3: Would you like to suggest any particular animal?

Question # 4: Did this work out better with you in Covid 19?

Question # 5: Did you love animals before you tried this option?

Humbly request our readers to take out few minutes to answer all or any of the listed questions to help out the other readers in need.

Blogger Zakia

Success Life

In the middle of the night, unable to sleep; by the way, it’s not insomnia but a random longer nap in the evening, hah! Meanwhile, I had a chance to ponder success and life while reading the different posts at a Facebook group. I thought, why not share my unexpected sight on the said words.

“Success” and “Life” are highly used keywords by us countless times during the world’s span. Sometimes talking to myself, I ponder deep and could not imagine existence without these two precious words from millions of words in the vocabulary.

Success life has diversified classifications differing from person to person. We set the standards or criteria to register a victory according to our perspective, observations, priorities and judgements. Therefore the success life is never identical or somehow near to similarity. However, commonly success life is recorded when one achieves or attains ones’ set targets.

I came up with the idea if a success life is never identical, so why not set intelligent, attainable and purposeful targets to make ones’ life cheerful, courageous and grievances free or lowering distress.

This, in turn, would make us work smartly. For instance,


Intelligent approach

Smart choices

Clear direction

Enthusiasm (essence of life)

Lifting each other

Achieving targets

Gaining common interests

Success with happy life guaranteed

As we believe in life cycles, food cycles, human cycles, we should also think in success cycles where every individual is dependent and responsible for others. This cycle is as practical and results-oriented as other cycles are doing.

The rationale for my opinion, I kept one factor constant, i.e. the human as a social animal. This word social always meant friendship and positive relationships rather than cutthroat competition or rivalries.

Humbly invite opinions and observations from our readers to come up with their experiences!

Live Smart lives as we are Human Beings!

Blogger Zakia

Being Judgemental

Hello everyone,

First of all, I am incredibly sorry for being out for so long. It was all due to my health issues that needed to be taken care of, From now on, I will be regular, and I will post once a week regularly.

I am now starting the main topic. I have observed these days we all are very quick in judging others, due to which we begin pinpointing others without thinking twice of their circumstances or problems. We don’t even give the benefit of the doubt to others. We don’t ponder over what we find objectionable in someone’s act. It might be due to any pressure, or the circumstances might have unwound so that the subject person acted a certain way. No, we judge the other person in a second and start giving our opinions without paying heed to their emotions, problems and circumstances. Nobody is ready to listen to others; everyone wants to speak and give lectures according to their perspective. We don’t even listen to other’s perspectives while giving ours.

Hence, increase in the ratio of suicide. Many people have come to me and shared themselves, sometimes for guidance and sometimes to speak their hearts out. And the single complaint they had, for the people surrounding them, was nobody listened and understood them. Parents aren’t listening to kids; kids aren’t listening to parents, spouses aren’t listening to each other, siblings aren’t listening to each other, friends aren’t listening to each other. Nobody is listening to anybody. These are the fundamental relations that we always look up to; If they also don’t try to understand us and make us comfortable to talk our hearts out, then to whom we will lookup?

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Many people use social media platforms for guidance and sharing, but I also noticed the same everyone just judges. We need to correct this social evil, which has made everyone’s life so suffocated that most people end up suiciding. People have become introverted and avoid socializing because of this issue. Everyone has their own set of problems, and they have their battles. Sometimes, a person only wants to speak their heart out, but no, we are not ready to keep our mouths shut and let them speak; which won’t solve the problem but at least after pouring they will be able to start afresh; which sometimes help them in completely solving their issues. I have seen people sharing their medical emergency on social media and asking for help instead of talking to any family member or friend and go to the doctor right away. Why is it so? Only because of lack of communication. It is due to mistrust and judgemental behavior everyone hides.

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All we need is to grow our stamina of listening more and speaking less so that others can confide in us. It is the main reason for significant issues everyone faces. By resolving this attitude together, we can make this world a better place to live and more accessible for others to survive.

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A Personal Note:

If you know some other social issues and want them addressed, let me know I will discuss them. And suppose you are facing any problems and want them to discuss. In that case, you can personally message me by your ID or message me anonymously. I will share the solution in my post without mentioning your name in both cases so that other people in the same problem may get an advantage. I am not a professional; I am just a sane individual who is ready to listen and advise accordingly, and even if you want to pour your heart out, I am just a message away.

Blogger: Attia


I pondered deep, “What are the teachers?”

It imparted, Angelic are the teachers!

Thou upskill thee and enlighten the way,

The true blessings are the teachers!

Lifting thee is none to their wealth,

Glimpses of contentment are the teachers!

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Thou broaden thee minds at every step

To me, the most virtuous are the teachers!

“Acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

The real preachers are the teachers!

Thou invest days and nights to facilitate us,

Believing in thee are the teachers!

Real teachers are most valuable in life

The most precious are the teachers!

Poetry by ZAKIA


A lifetime is a bucket full of lessons for one’s life. In other words, a teacher who fixes your life trends and styles by enabling you to decipher solutions and learn great lessons after every mistake, problem, hurdle or upcoming incidence. Sometimes, when you are a safe player, this teacher works like a beacon to indicate the trouble beforehand. Good students or learners always make a positive move or make changes accordingly to prosper or refrain from crisis instead of failure.

Since we are bodies with sentiments, feelings, vibes, thoughts, decisions, etc., naturally or unintentionally or voluntarily creates distractions and other emotional responses with the external factors. It may be a dispute, unattained targets, undesired events, unwanted people, economic issues, viral diseases, businesses, cutthroat competitions, and many other external factors to list.

The factors intimate the mental diseases that are named differently due to their intensity and impacts. Stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression, jealousy, inferiority and superiority complex, etc., are examples. These mental diseases are the primary source to invite severe physical ailments. One ends up with pills, therapies and other health consultations.

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Coming to the current pandemic, Covid 19 automatically gave birth to anxiety and depression. It gives goosebumps even to imagine the fatality rate since Covid 19 started spreading over the entire world. Initially, the world seemed helpless, with no remedies to go for, no medicines, just quarantine. The social animals asked instantly to be isolated or quarantined until the situation is under control (unspecified period).

Initially, it was a stressful and shocking situation that lengthen and resulted in Anxiety and Depression with many unanswered questions. For instance:

  • What to do now?
  • What will happen?
  • Will we be saved?
  • Will this pandemic end?
  • How to meet ends?
  • How to refrain from the virus?
  • What to eat?
  • What to do for kids education?
  • How to earn?
  • How to survive?
  • What to do for lifestyle addiction?
  • If Corona catches us, will we stay?
  • How to save the family?
  • Will hospitals facilitate?
  • Will oxygen be available?

More left to list down!

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We all have witnessed how troublesome it was to answer the above questions practically, and many families faced disaster. Many met it later in different stages of Covid 19. Many are facing now or still facing. Observation shows that people reacted differently in this expected pandemic situation and proved that humans are unpredictable creatures. Countless suicides registered besides fatalities due to the virus. More power to the survivors! May God save and bless us all.

Anxiety and depression in the Covid 19 crossed the figures and registered new records ever in common. However, many remained calm in such a problematic/ crucial situation and moved on strongly, survived and set examples. Words are indeed easy to deliver and challenging to act on them. BUT we need to change our fixed mindset and go for a growth mindset that allows us to overcome difficulties and become more robust and challenging.

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Dear readers will discuss how to deal with anxiety and depression during Covid organically in the following article. Stay tuned!

Blogger: Zakia


It’s a long due topic, supposed to be penned out on Father’s day; however, I did not find courage. Many times I feel this is the most challenging topic to cover or even think of it. No matter how bold one is, how strong one feels, how composed you pose or do, how practical your approach remains? At times you are helpless with your inner voice, sentiments, emotions! The entire universe turns out to focus you, stress you, burdens you with the pressure to crack you up. Your imaginary vision strengthens such a way that you in real remain no more than just a pebble.

Digging deeper into the psychological aspects would lengthen the topic. However, one need not stop moving it by the side. It is of utmost importance to speak heart out to zip through the clouds of thoughts. As if I were a bird, singing freely, enjoying flying soar up high until invisible. Full stretched glides that turnouts, the most significant positive impacts, to face, the reality of any sentiment.

Photo by Maria Lindsey Content Creator on

You are getting it correct; I am cushioning my words to pen down the topic “Father”. Where to begin?  The Love, the care, the support, the pride, the guidance, the direction, the understanding, the confidence, and whatnot.  To express the topic truly, I found it better to use poetry and relax the shooting thoughts!

I wish I could name another

Why just father?

The soul with the most profound land

That too evergreen

Absorbing all the dark and deep

Supporting the child to grow strong

Intellectually with pride

Directing as Beacon

Never tiring

Remaining strong and sturdy

Like Sun

Energizing all, bearing all the heat

Rising every day with all power

Setting in the evening to revamp energies

Continue till the last breath!

Do we realize?

It might be after you witness him breathe last!

Your pride and support breaths last

Your strength and direction lost

Your Beacon lost deep in the sea

Your confidence is gone,

You are left to face all alone!

The great silent LOVE

That reveals only when you cannot hug!

Father, a true love!

Written by Zakia

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