Being Judgemental (Reposting)

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First of all, I am incredibly sorry for being out for so long. It was all due to my health issues that needed to be taken care of, From now on, I will be regular, and I will post once a week regularly.

I am now starting the main topic. I have observed these days we all are very quick in judging others, due to which we begin pinpointing others without thinking twice of their circumstances or problems. We don’t even give the benefit of the doubt to others. We don’t ponder over what we find objectionable in someone’s act. It might be due to any pressure, or the circumstances might have unwound so that the subject person acted a certain way. No, we judge the other person in a second and start giving our opinions without paying heed to their emotions, problems and circumstances. Nobody is ready to listen to others; everyone wants to speak and give lectures according to their perspective. We don’t even listen to other’s perspectives while giving ours.

Hence, increase in the ratio of suicide. Many people have come to me and shared themselves, sometimes for guidance and sometimes to speak their hearts out. And the single complaint they had, for the people surrounding them, was nobody listened and understood them. Parents aren’t listening to kids; kids aren’t listening to parents, spouses aren’t listening to each other, siblings aren’t listening to each other, friends aren’t listening to each other. Nobody is listening to anybody. These are the fundamental relations that we always look up to; If they also don’t try to understand us and make us comfortable to talk our hearts out, then to whom we will lookup?

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Many people use social media platforms for guidance and sharing, but I also noticed the same everyone just judges. We need to correct this social evil, which has made everyone’s life so suffocated that most people end up suiciding. People have become introverted and avoid socializing because of this issue. Everyone has their own set of problems, and they have their battles. Sometimes, a person only wants to speak their heart out, but no, we are not ready to keep our mouths shut and let them speak; which won’t solve the problem but at least after pouring they will be able to start afresh; which sometimes help them in completely solving their issues. I have seen people sharing their medical emergency on social media and asking for help instead of talking to any family member or friend and go to the doctor right away. Why is it so? Only because of lack of communication. It is due to mistrust and judgemental behavior everyone hides.

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All we need is to grow our stamina of listening more and speaking less so that others can confide in us. It is the main reason for significant issues everyone faces. By resolving this attitude together, we can make this world a better place to live and more accessible for others to survive.

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A Personal Note:

If you know some other social issues and want them addressed, let me know I will discuss them. And suppose you are facing any problems and want them to discuss. In that case, you can personally message me by your ID or message me anonymously. I will share the solution in my post without mentioning your name in both cases so that other people in the same problem may get an advantage. I am not a professional; I am just a sane individual who is ready to listen and advise accordingly, and even if you want to pour your heart out, I am just a message away.

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WORK FROM HOME (Reposting)

Technology has made our lives so cosy and straightforward. It has brought a lot of opportunities for us, although there are some challenges too, it’s worth it. Among many different options, Work from Home is one of them and a major one that has provided many new opportunities. But unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, many of us aren’t able to utilise it thoroughly, and those who do all of them aren’t successful.

Why is it so? Because we undermine it and don’t do proper research on it like we would do for any other business before stepping into that. Because we don’t consider it a legit way of earning, many of us think it is for those who can’t do anything else or illiterate people. In short, it’s for useless ones, so it’s not worth it. It is a common approach of people that its easy to work from home and start earning.

So first we have to keep it clear in mind that to earn money itself isn’t easy. It requires a lot of hard work, whether you do it from the comfort of your home or step outside. Yes, working from home comes with many benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can compromise on hard work. You have to work equally hard or sometimes even more in the beginning. Even the benefits which come with it you earned; you don’t get them as a by-product of working from home. Now the question arises when we don’t get the benefits or money right away and even we have to work hard also then what difference does it make, why to prefer it or even try it.

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Here is the answer to that. Mostly people prefer to do a job as it gives stability and every month we get a fixed amount, so nothing to worry about then. They don’t realise that they are spending their time and efforts to make wealth for others instead of themselves. They sell their hours against the fixed amount and fixed-job. They empower the employers more and get stuck in that job loop forever. They can never make a fortune for themselves as, after all the hard work and hours, they get a fixed salary, not more than that. No matter how much business their hard work has given to the company, they will get the exact agreed amount, not more than that or maybe a raise or bonus once or twice a year which keeps them dependent on the job forever, never empowering them.

However, I never mean to say to quit jobs and start building their home-based businesses, not everyone fits in, but at least one should try to test if they can do it or not. But before moving towards it, first, do proper research on it, like what medium to choose and which skill or product is better because these things vary from person to person. After that, when you decide to start it properly, create it as a side business, check the potential and keep working on it. Never quit your job right after or before starting your home-based business; this is the mistake usually people make. Every business takes time to grow; no one can develop overnight. Companies get established with consistent hard work; once they set, you will start enjoying the luxuries that come with them. Now you will get time and location independence. There is the right time to quit a job when your business reaches a particular growth and starts giving you the luxuries and handsome amount of money.

It’s more of thinking out of the box, confidence, decision-making, and urges to grow on a better spectrum for yourself and your dependents/Family.

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There are plenty of home-based works out there. I will give a few if someone needs ideas or doesn’t know about them. It all depends on a person’s interest and choice of what they want to pursue. So this article might help.

  • Virtual Assistant

Being a VA is a vast field. VA has to handle someone’s business virtually. It doesn’t require physical appearance, and at a time, one can take as many clients as they can. Now it’s up to your interest in which field you want to become a VA. Like you want to manage Amazon, Shopify accounts, or take finance or be a social media marketer or manager. It’s a whole new wide world of options.

  • Amazon/eBay/Etsy/Shopify

It is also an option as these platforms and many more like these are also available, which you can use to establish your business and start selling any commodity on them. These are international platforms, but there is also a wide range of local outlets for every country. It’s not necessary to create big on these platforms. You can start with a minimal amount, like $1000, or even with a few articles and use the test and try the method.

  • Online Retails

If you don’t want to use these OTT platforms for selling, you can also create your website or Facebook and Instagram pages to start selling. For this, you don’t need even $1000. You can start it with 6-10 articles.

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  • Freelance Writing

You can be a freelance writer, or even if you aren’t good at writing, you can hire someone online to write for you. You can easily hire someone through Upwork or Fiverr for a few bucks. You can even hire someone to write a book for you, sell it on Amazon, and get Amazon’s choice badge.

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  • Food Business

You can start a food business locally if you are good at cooking. You can provide lunch boxes for offices, take orders for parties, and provide meals to people who work.

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  • Gardener

You can take gardening classes, provide gardening services to others, and establish a garden in your house if you have space. You can sell organic vegetables and fruits to people as organic is high in demand.

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  • Vending Machine

If you can afford it, buy a vending machine. It will make money for you even while you are asleep.

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  • Organizing Business

You can be a professional organiser. Be a party organiser, or you can organise homes, offices, closets, garage sales or festivals.

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  • Renting

If you have enough house space, you can start renting it locally or on different online platforms like Airbnb and begin earning a handsome amount.

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  • Home Cleaning

You can start giving home cleaning services to people, and you don’t need to go yourself and do the job; you can hire people for the job and be a professional house cleaning service provider.

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  • Online Teaching

You can use YouTube and other platforms also to start teaching. You can sell courses to different platforms like Digiskills and use YouTube for this purpose. If you have any skill, start training it; if not, you can also prepare your native language.

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  • Box Subscription

You can provide a box subscription service also. A lot of people would be interested in it. As separately buying everything costs a lot and subscription boxes cost a lot less than that, they get every basic need. You can provide baking, crocheting, painting, kids activity and many more other packages.

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So these are a few ideas which might help anyone. You are welcome to share more ideas or any unique business you do yourself, I would love to know that, and it might help someone.

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