It’s a long due topic, supposed to be penned out on Father’s day; however, I did not find courage. Many times I feel this is the most challenging topic to cover or even think of it. No matter how bold one is, how strong one feels, how composed you pose or do, how practical your approach remains? At times you are helpless with your inner voice, sentiments, emotions! The entire universe turns out to focus you, stress you, burdens you with the pressure to crack you up. Your imaginary vision strengthens such a way that you in real remain no more than just a pebble.

Digging deeper into the psychological aspects would lengthen the topic. However, one need not stop moving it by the side. It is of utmost importance to speak heart out to zip through the clouds of thoughts. As if I were a bird, singing freely, enjoying flying soar up high until invisible. Full stretched glides that turnouts, the most significant positive impacts, to face, the reality of any sentiment.

Photo by Maria Lindsey Content Creator on Pexels.com

You are getting it correct; I am cushioning my words to pen down the topic “Father”. Where to begin?  The Love, the care, the support, the pride, the guidance, the direction, the understanding, the confidence, and whatnot.  To express the topic truly, I found it better to use poetry and relax the shooting thoughts!

I wish I could name another

Why just father?

The soul with the most profound land

That too evergreen

Absorbing all the dark and deep

Supporting the child to grow strong

Intellectually with pride

Directing as Beacon

Never tiring

Remaining strong and sturdy

Like Sun

Energizing all, bearing all the heat

Rising every day with all power

Setting in the evening to revamp energies

Continue till the last breath!

Do we realize?

It might be after you witness him breathe last!

Your pride and support breaths last

Your strength and direction lost

Your Beacon lost deep in the sea

Your confidence is gone,

You are left to face all alone!

The great silent LOVE

That reveals only when you cannot hug!

Father, a true love!

Written by Zakia

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading

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