On a branch of a tree,

A sorrowful nightingale seated lonely,

Dark all around,

After a tiring search of food,

Crying for help to get home,

Nothing was visible,

As darkness grew stronger,

Yelping nightingale heard by a firefly,

Zooms to the yelp,

“Don’t be sad, though a small fly but offers you help,”

Nightingale, in surprise, forgets to blink her eyes,

Firefly cheers, “Why worry about darkness? I will light your way!”

“God has blessed my little torch,

Sparkling me as a lamp in the dark,”

Firefly then said

Good are the ones in the world

Supporting others in trouble!


What a Great message of Kindness did a firefly gave! So Kindness is important since we all are somehow dependent on each other and expect similar respect, cooperation, support and assistance, sooner or later, but would love to enjoy Kindness in return. Let’s support and help each other, being Humans! We are thankful to all readers who read our articles, liked, commented and appreciated the efforts. That is a great support and inspiring all to uplift each other.  It’s a chain, and we all are interconnected. Stay blessed and spread Kindness!

Poetess/ Blogger: Zakia

Published by Zakia Attia

Passion of poetry, writing and reading


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