When I was about to become a mommy first time, I was so confused about my baby’s shopping, like what should I buy and what I shouldn’t buy. I wanted to be precise about the shopping as I’m not too fond of wastage, so I wanted to be sure that everything I’m buying is functional and along with that I didn’t want to miss any necessity. So I needed to know what are the essentials and their quantity also. That time my sister guided me a lot and helped me in preparing the list. And then a lot of things I learned after baby’s delivery also as experience teaches you the most. After handling three newborns, I should share a few essentials that seem to be very petty, but when you have a newborn, their absence makes life difficult. And if people request me to share the whole list, I will post a detailed list, and if you want, I will also share what things one should never buy.

So here are the ten essentials which I think a mommy should always have;

  1. Bubble diaper changing mat
  2. Blanket
  3. Wrapping sheets
  4. Baby nest
  5. Sleepsuits with zipper
  6. Baby cocoon
  7. Diaper bag
  8. Baby toiletries
  9. Breastfeeding cover
  10. Burp cloth
  • Bubble Diaper Changing Mat

It is that one thing I didn’t have when my first baby was born as I bought a regular diaper changing mat. So whenever I went out somewhere, I always found it challenging to lay baby’s head on any platform as they are usually tiles, and no matter how much you try but it hits baby’s head which made it challenging for me to change baby’s diaper anywhere I used to keep three cotton sheets in my bag to keep it under baby’s head. But later on, I found this plastic bubble sheet that made my life heaven. Bubble sheet comes in three sizes, and you can choose the sheet according to your baby’s height, but for newborns, small is enough. It is big enough to cover them from head to toe, and it’s weightless and will sit in the corner of your bag after wrapping it. So no matter wherever you are, you can just spread it and lay the baby on it as it is plastic, so it is easily washable and dries out. I used this bubble sheet not only for diaper changing but more or less for everything like sleeping, eating, diaper-free time and whatnot. Always buy too one for home and one to keep in the baby bag.

  • Cotton Blanket

I consider a mommy should always have a cotton blanket at least three at a time. One for the diaper bag, one for use at home and one in spare. These cotton blankets help a lot while travelling and at home; to spread under or over them.

  • Wrapping sheets

Wrapping sheets are the most important ones. Babies feel secure while being wrapped as they have tiny space in the womb, so if you don’t cover them, they will be scared, so wrapping is essential and always buy the ones ready to use; You have to tuck them in, not the basic loose ones, and it will save you time. Always buy four to five.

  • Baby Nest

Baby nest helps in travelling as well as at home also in carrying and even if someone comes to meet you won’t feel stressed out in handing the baby over to someone else. Always buy at least three, one for home, one for travelling and one in spare.

  • Zip Sleepsuits

Buy plenty of sleepsuits as these are the handiest ones. Your baby will cover head to toe in one go, and you will be at ease. Always buy the ones with zippers, not buttons, and it will save time.

Photo by Enrique Hoyos on Pexels.com
  • Baby Cocoon

Baby cocoons are so helpful while putting babies to sleep as they are cosy and comfy. You will not stress over the whole night about the baby removing the blanket, and the baby will feel secure and comfortable.

  • Diaper Bag

Always buy diaper bags that have a different compartment for everything. It will be helpful when you are out and in urgency; you will know precisely in which portion you will find a particular thing.

Photo by Sarah Chai on Pexels.com
  • Baby Toiletries

Only buy soap, shampoo and baby shower and in the most miniature packs. As newborns are too tiny, they don’t consume much, and more oversized loads will expire before you finish them. I love babies natural fragrances, so I don’t use powders, and for moisturization, I use natural oils, which are more beneficial than creams.

  • Breastfeeding cover

Keep the breastfeeding cover with you; it will help if you are out or at home with other kids or in a place where you cannot have privacy. It will be a lifesaver for you.

  • Burp Cloth

Newborns spit out a lot while burping. It will save your dress, keeping it on your shoulder while burping them.

I have shared these ten essentials according to my experience. I would love to hear about your experiences too. Would you please comment and share the needs you found for a newborn?

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